20 interesting places to see in Vienna

Vienna captivates at first sight. Everyone, whether a lover of art, nature or partying, can dissolve in this city. The Austrian capital is considered one of the most comfortable cities in the world, but at the same time, the locals manage to complain about the standard of living and the government. Visitors can only marvel at the beauty and originality of Vienna! We have compiled for you a list of the most interesting places that are definitely worth seeing.
13 october 2021

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1. Town Hall Square

As in many European cities, the square near the Town Hall in Vienna plays a significant role in the life of the citizens. In ancient times it was the place where important legislative changes were announced to the people, nowadays many people see it only as a place for the traditional Christmas fair, which is probably the biggest and most festive in Western Europe.

Town Hall Square in Vienna
Photo author - 諾雅爾菲

2. Schwarzenbergplatz

One of Vienna's most interesting places and most recognizable squares, it is home to the Karlskirche Church, the Vienna Museum, the Artists' House and the Technical University. It also hosts Christmas fairs in the wintertime.

Photo author - Franz Jachim

3. Schoenbrunn

The cherry on Vienna's festive architectural cake, the Baroque palace of the Austrian emperors. Even if you're not a fan of idle strolls through palace and park complexes, you'll love it here.

Photo author - Wolfgang Bayer

The Schönbrunn seems to be where all of Vienna's majesty is concentrated.

Standard admission costs €21 for adults and €13 for children, but there are more extended tours available. You can see them and buy tickets here.

4. Vienna Zoo

On the grounds of the Schönbrunn Palace and Park Ensemble, is also the Vienna Zoo, but it should be singled out for special attention. Firstly, it is the oldest zoo in the whole world. Secondly, despite its venerable age, it remains one of the most interesting and rich in rare species of animals. It's a must-see for children in Vienna.

Tickets are sold separately: adults €16.50, children €8, children under 6 visit the zoo for free.
Tickets for Schoenbrunn Zoo are available here.

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5. Museum of Art History

Raphael, Titian, Rembrandt, Rubens and Bosch - Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum contains so many of the world's masterpieces that you'll need to devote more than one day to this place. But even if you visit the museum on a "spur-of-the-moment" basis, you'll get a lot of impressions.

Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna
Photo author - René

The price of admission at the time of publication of this article is €14.

6. Vienna Opera

The Vienna Opera House itself is worthy of a traveler's attention, so be sure to at least see it from the outside. Prices for concerts here are certainly not cheap, but here's a lifehack.

Vienna Opera
Photo author - wienkultur.info

About an hour and a half before the performance, the box office starts selling standing room tickets for as little as €3 - a great chance to see the famous opera houses for yourself.

Are you ready to explore more? Then don't miss the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Vienna Opera.

7. Hofburg

A symbol of the grandeur of the Austrian Empire, the Hofburg Palace complex, which used to serve as the emperors' winter residence and is now the main residence of the president of Austria.

Photo author - Moo

The most important asset of this palace is the Habsburg treasury, which contains all the relics of the empire.

It's only accessible with a guided tour: from €15.50 for adults and €9 for children.

8. St. Stephen's Cathedral

A true symbol of Vienna is the unusual Gothic St. Stephen's Cathedral. Its roof bears the coats of arms of Vienna and Austria, and its tall towers house a bell tower with dozens of colorful bells. To see this attraction should be at least from afar, and it is better to get inside or even attend a tour of the cathedral and underground catacombs, which is held every half an hour.

Собой Святого Стефана в Вене
Photo author - mifl68

If you're in Vienna between July and September, be sure to take the attic tour, which takes place on Saturdays at 19:00. The view of the city from the top of the cathedral is amazing!

9. Belvedere

Yes, Vienna is a city of cultural attractions, pompous palaces, museums and shrines. Well, the Belvedere is an indispensable point of sightseeing in the Austrian capital. This palace complex consists of two parts - the Upper and Lower Belvedere.

St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna
Photo author - rob nieuwegein

Travelers tend to be more attracted to the Upper, as this is where masterpieces by the great Gustav Klimt are collected.

Tickets to the Belvedere are not cheap: a visit to the Upper Belvedere costs €14, while a ticket to see the whole complex costs €31.

10. Museum Quarter

A cultural quarter has formed on the outskirts of the Old Town. Not only are there museums, as you can tell from the name, but also many decent cafes and restaurants.

Museum Quarter
Photo author - Michela Simoncini

The Leopold Museum, the Kunsthalle, the Museum of Modern Art and the Zoom Children's Museum are among the neighborhood's main attractions. Life is always pulsating here, with all kinds of exhibitions, art performances and fashion shows. You can view the upcoming program here.

If it's this modern and laid-back Vienna you're interested in, we suggest signing up for the "Live and Everyday Vienna" tour, which not only tells you a lot about the city, but also shows you places that are especially loved by locals.

11. Ferris wheel

The fairgrounds and amusement park are fully open from March through October, but even in winter you can visit Prater's main attraction, the Ferris wheel.

Ferris wheel in Vienna
Photo author - Melike BeserTek

A cheap and interesting way to get a bird's eye view of Vienna.

12. Mozart's House

Vienna is inextricably associated with Mozart. And it is here that you can visit the house where the great composer once lived. Just imagine, it was within these walls that "The Marriage of Figaro" was written and Beethoven and Haydn had tea!

Mozart's house
Photo author - Cecrito

There is now a museum, a concert hall and a small café called Figaro. The entrance fee is €10.

13. Madame Tussaud's Wax House

Of course, the most famous wax museum is in London, but Vienna's collection is not poor, with exact replicas of famous people such as Mozart, Klimt, Strauss and Einstein. Of course, there are also figures of modern celebrities: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson and so on.

Access to Madame Tussauds costs €18.50 for adults and €14.50 for children.

14. Hundertwasser House

After seeing the main program, head to Kegelgasse, 36-38, home to Vienna's most avant-garde landmark, the Hundertwasser House.

Hundertwasser's house
Photo author - Rob van der Veen

Multicolored windows, uneven walls and overhanging overgrowth - this building in spirit is something like the creations of the great Gaudi, only with its own character.

An unconventional walk around Vienna will help those who have enjoyed the imperial grandeur of the Austrian capital to find other unusual places.

15. Vienna Central Cemetery

The most musical cemetery in Europe. If you want to visit the graves of Beethoven, Strauss or Schubert, this is the place to go.

Vienna Central Cemetery
Photo author - Vienna Central Cemetery

It's also very peaceful and quiet in the central cemetery.

The #71 streetcar runs here, and locals even have a euphemism for "the #71 streetcar took him away."

16. Studtown

To balance out the classic Vienna experience, it's worth going for a walk to the campus of the local University of Economics. It's a cluster of futuristic buildings that are built with the latest in architecture and design.

Vienna campus
Photo author - Wien

There are also guided tours, but it's unlikely you'll want to spend several hours being told about university buildings.

17. Vienna Woods

If you get the chance, be sure to take a trip to Vienna's outskirts to the Vienna Forest, a UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve.

Kafka and Freud once walked here, but today you can walk here too, enjoying the nature, the beautiful views from the observation decks and the delicious food in the local restaurants.

18. City Park

If you don't have time for out-of-town trips, at least go for a walk in the beautiful City Park.

Vienna City Park
Photo author - Overchilled

It's nice at any time of year. Sitting on a bench, looking at the fountains and how the locals relax here is a must do in Vienna.

19. Butterfly House

A tropical paradise right in the middle of Vienna. For just €6, you'll be transported to a jungle where hundreds of huge, colorful butterflies will fly over your head. This wonderful place is a must for children, as there are unique aquariums where you can see how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

The Butterfly House in Vienna
Photo author - Peter Ehret

20. Sigmund Freud Museum

A place to which all those interested in psychology have an affinity. Freud lived in this apartment from 1891 to 1938, where he worked on his writings and saw patients.

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