Atyrau: Top 12 Attractions of Kazakhstan's Pearl

Atyrau is one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan. This major cultural center has preserved its traditions, landmarks, and customs. Today, we invite you to delve a little deeper into exploring the uncharted soul of Kazakhstan to understand what treasures its cities hold.
28 may 2024
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Imangali Mosque

When exploring the Kazakh city, including the main local sanctuary on your must-see list is not only an exciting adventure but also an excellent way to get acquainted with the culture of the city's residents.

The Imangali Mosque was opened in 2001 and became the largest mosque built in western Kazakhstan. The interior decoration of the temple is stunning, and up to 600 people can pray here at once. The mosque has an unusual design; its blue color with stars resembles the boundless sky and creates a unique atmosphere outside the building.

Located next to the embankment, the mosque is separated from large multi-story buildings by an area of tiles, lawns, and trees, which will appeal to many nature lovers.

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Makhambet Drama Theater

This theater was one of the first in Kazakhstan, opened in 1938. It is named after the national hero and poet Makhambet. The theater troupe includes People's Artists and laureates of national awards.

Modern observers are amazed by the theater building, designed in the neoclassical style. The facade is adorned with white columns, and above them are golden letters - the name of the theater. The halls resemble palace rooms: the walls are faced with pink marble, the ceilings are decorated with paintings and luxurious chandeliers, and the rooms are connected by amazingly beautiful carved doors.

Sarayshyk Settlement

This attraction is a little further away from the city, but not visiting it means committing a real tourist crime! The point is that the city of Sarayshyk is the capital of the familiar ancient state of the Golden Horde.

The ancient city, with a history of thousands of years, has not lost its historical spirit, even though part of it was destroyed as a result of frequent river floods. Sarayshyk was probably founded in the 11th century by the Mongolian commander Batuhan (Batu Khan). This city has served as the cradle of steppe culture for centuries.

Today, the State Museum of Sarayshyk preserves parts of the water sewage system dating back to the 14th century. The single-story museum also showcases around five thousand exhibits shedding light on the history of the ancient city.

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Lotus Fields

An amazingly beautiful sight can be found in the Kigach Valley. It is rich in plant and animal life, but what truly makes it unique are the abundantly growing lotuses.

Visiting the lotus fields has become one of the popular destinations for domestic tourism in Kazakhstan. When you come here, you will witness how a picturesque landscape stretches over dozens of hectares. Caspian lotuses are not only the northernmost in the world. Distinguished by their delicate pink color, different from the Eastern lotus, they are classified as a separate species.

Isatay and Makhambet Square

The central square of the city is one of the favorite walking spots for both locals and tourists.

In 1995, a monument to the national heroes Isatay Taimanov and Makhambet Utemisov, who led the Kazakh uprising in 1836-1838, was erected here. Recently, the square was reconstructed and updated, an architectural composition was created around the monument, and at its base, there is a musical fountain illuminated by spotlights.

Benches with awnings are placed around. In the region, there is a burial place of Makhambet, where a mausoleum was built. Currently, the state protects this monument.

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Atyrau Embankment

The embankment along the banks of the Ural River is one of the most beautiful places in the city, attracting both locals and tourists. From here, you can take a boat trip and capture many memorable photos.

Several bridges connect the river banks. Particularly attractive for walks and beautiful photographs is the pedestrian bridge. Built in 2001, it is considered one of the longest bridges of its kind in the world, with a length of 551 meters.

Atyrau National Historical Museum

Visiting the Atyrau Historical Museum will immerse you in the centuries-old history of the region preserved by its exhibits.

Since 1939, this museum has housed over 30,000 artifacts of material and spiritual culture of the Atyrau region from the Paleolithic era to the present day. Among the exhibits are ancient coins, pottery, national clothing, and other artifacts.

In 1996-1997, excavations by an archaeological expedition enriched the museum's collection with valuable exhibits telling the story of the Golden Horde period. Separate exhibitions are dedicated to the popular uprising led by Isatay and Makhambet, which entered the history not only of the city but also of the entire country.

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Sariev Museum

This location is perfect for lovers of fine arts and crafts. The Atyrau Regional Museum of Fine and Applied Arts named after Shaimardan Sariev is considered the second most significant in the region.

It was founded relatively recently - about 30 years ago. Today, the museum houses works of painting by outstanding artists of the city and the region, including young and promising ones. In addition, the museum halls feature many creations of applied craftsmen, including talented children from the city of Atyrau.

Aqua Town Water Park

Aqua Town Water Park is the first and only year-round water park in the city of Atyrau. Here, you can fully relax with your family. The complex features 5 giant slides, 4 different pools, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish hammam, spa services, and much more to enhance your stay in the Kazakhstani city.

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Akkergeshen Plateau

The chalk exposures of Akkergeshin and Aktolagay attract the attention of both geologists and paleontologists, as well as people who seek encounters with unusual natural phenomena, mysterious caves, whimsical white cliffs, and simply love hiking adventures.

Strolling through quiet, faraway places, distant from the familiar civilized world, you can find fragments of fossilized ancient animals, and if you're lucky, even a black shark tooth or, let's say, a dinosaur backbone.

Akmecet Beket

Akmecet Beket is a complex consisting of several buildings and an underground mosque built in the 19th century.

This sanctuary is named after Beket-Ata, a renowned religious figure, scholar, and architect. According to legend, at the age of 14, he set out on a journey to the grave of the famous saint - Shopan-Ata, to attain enlightenment. Beket-Ata spent three days at this place, after which he received the desired sanctification and dedicated his life to serving higher powers.

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Assumption Cathedral

This historical structure in Atyrau was built at the end of the 19th century but lost its purpose for a while after the revolution. It resumed its function as a church in 1941. In the early 2000s, the building underwent restoration.

The cathedral is constructed of burnt stone in the Byzantine style. Its facade is adorned with rich molding, and the windows are framed with carvings. Five golden domes and a bell tower crown the top of the cathedral.

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