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Where to eat in Warsaw: 11 places to visit

Every journey invariably involves gastronomic exploration and the discovery of new, delightful culinary experiences. Warsaw is certainly no exception and has the potential to amaze you with its diverse range of dining establishments. While there are numerous options to choose from, let's delve into the top 11 dining venues in Warsaw that come highly recommended.
25 october 2021
АВТОР: Alina Behlova

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Alina Behlova

1. Aïoli

Aïoli is a beloved spot among both locals and travelers, known for its consistently delicious offerings over the years. The restaurant offers a dedicated breakfast menu featuring both vegetarian and meat dishes. If you order a coffee here on a weekday before 12:00, your breakfast will cost just 1 Polish zloty ($0.25). On weekends, the promotion is reversed, and you practically get a coffee for free with every meal.


Besides serving breakfast, Aïoli offers delicious lunch and dinner options in a vibrant atmosphere with background music. Occasionally, there might be a queue at the entrance, but it usually moves quickly.

Address: Świętokrzyska 18 - Chmielna 26

2. Bułkę przez Bibułkę

At Bułkę przez Bibułkę, you can enjoy breakfast all day long, which is especially convenient while traveling when you want the freedom to eat whenever you please. The food here is not only tasty and filling, but the staff is also friendly, and the prices are reasonable for Warsaw - you can have a satisfying meal for 20-25 zlotys per person (approximately $5-6). Plus, there are three locations across the city to choose from.

Addresses: Puławska 24 (Mokotów) - Zgoda 3 (Śródmieście) - Zwycięzców 32 (Saska Kępa)

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3. Hala Koszyki

An extraordinary venue steeped in history and offering a wide array of culinary delights and beverages. Hala Koszyki, a former market dating back to the early 20th century, has been beautifully transformed into a charming food hall.


A place that combines a diverse range of food, drinks, music, and a vibrant atmosphere under one roof, offering a unique gastronomic experience. On weekends, it hosts concerts and live music events.

Address: Koszykowa 63


MOMU is brought to you by the creators of Aïoli, so they also offer a similar promotion until 12:00 - order a coffee and get breakfast for just 1 zloty. They describe themselves as a gastrobar, where you can explore dishes from various countries around the world, including a modern take on Polish cuisine, for lunch and dinner.

Address: Wierzbowa 9/11


5. Zapiecek

While it may not be considered gourmet, Zapiecek offers a taste of classic Polish cuisine.


At Zapiecek, you'll find generous portions of hearty Polish cuisine classics like bigos, zurek, Polish pierogi (similar to dumplings), warm apple pie, and other homestyle dishes.

Address: Nowy Świat 64

6. Barn Burger

Barn Burger is renowned for serving the juiciest burgers in Warsaw. With around 20 different varieties, each with quirky names, you're sure to satisfy your hunger. Don't be surprised by their unique ingredients and occasional special offerings.

Address: Złota 9 - Zgoda 5

7. Bosko TuThai

Recently discovered in the Prague neighborhood, Bosko TuThai is a delightful spot offering a taste of Asian cuisine. Transport yourself back to your travels in Asia with a diverse selection of seafood dishes, various curries, dim sum, Thai salads, and soups. The restaurant's interior is also quite unique, adding to the overall experience.


8. Der Elefant

If you're looking for a beautiful restaurant with large windows, a terrace, and a cozy atmosphere for lunch or dinner, look no further than Der Elefant. With a history spanning over 20 years, this restaurant boasts excellent meat and seafood options. Its charming patio will remind you of Manhattan in New York.

Address: Plac Bankowy 1


9. Green Caffè Nero

If you're looking for a chain coffee shop that's scattered throughout Warsaw, Green Caffè Nero is a great choice. It's the perfect spot if you're craving a delicious coffee along with a quick bite like a sandwich or dessert. Plus, if you need fast internet and a place to get some work done, this is the place for you.

Addresses: Marszałkowska 84/92; Aleja Niepodległości 227/233.


10. Ministerstwo Kawy

Situated near Plac Zbawiciela, one of Warsaw's most charming squares, Ministerstwo Kawy sources its coffee from Brazil, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. It's a delightful spot to enjoy a cup of coffee after a leisurely stroll around the city.

Address: Marszałkowska 27/35


11. STOR

STOR is a Scandinavian oasis in Warsaw. It's a place where you can savor robust coffee, indulge in a tasty meal, and bask in a laid-back atmosphere. STOR also prioritizes responsible consumption by providing reusable bamboo coffee cups and using eco-friendly packaging materials, reflecting their commitment to sustainability.


If you're in the mood for a delicious cocktail, consider visiting one of these bars: Zamieszanie, Reginabar, Kita Koguta, or Coctail Bar Max & Dom Whisky. It's a delightful way to add some excitement to your busy day of exploring.

Address: Tamka 33

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