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Rest in Sicily: TOP 8 most beautiful resorts

Sicily is a resort island that every traveler dreams of seeing at least once in their life. It's a unique combination of picturesque nature and beautiful medieval towns, rocky shores, sandy beaches, and stunning bays—truly a dream destination!
29 february 2024
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1. Palermo

One of the main and most popular resorts in Sicily is, of course, Palermo, with its ancient attractions and vast, picturesque beaches.

Photo author - Aglez the city guy

Palermo is a place where everyone will find something to their liking. Curious travelers can explore ancient castles, palaces, cathedrals, theaters, squares, and parks; nightlife lovers will find numerous clubs, discos, restaurants, and bars; and beachgoers can enjoy luxurious coastlines with crystal-clear azure water. So, what should you see at this resort?

The Historic Center of the city is considered one of the largest in Italy. Be sure to visit Quattro Canti, stroll through the halls of the Norman Palace and the Palatine Chapel, as well as the Chiaramonte, Abatellis, and Sclafani Palaces. Admire the Pretoria Fountain, walk through the Capuchin Catacombs, and don't forget to climb the observation deck on Mount Monte Pellegrino (600 m), which offers a stunning view of the entire city and coastline.

And what about the beaches?! Near Palermo are the two best sandy beaches of the resort — Mondello and San Vito Lo Capo. Mondello is a bit closer, about 10 minutes drive from Palermo, and delights its visitors with clean, warm sea, a gentle entrance into the water, clear water, and plenty of entertainment venues. For those seeking solitude, head to the Isola delle Femmine, located nearby, where several quiet, romantic beaches are hidden from most eyes.

San Vito Lo Capo
Photo author - Aleksander Miler

San Vito Lo Capo is about an hour's drive from Palermo, but you won't regret the time spent once you get there. The beach looks like it came straight out of an advertisement, it's so picturesque, and the water is an indescribable azure color. It has everything you need for a great holiday—beach infrastructure, local entertainment, and an abundance of restaurants and cafes.

2. Taormina

Taormina is another equally popular destination in Sicily. Here, natural beauty meets outstanding landmarks and excellent beach areas. What more do you need for a perfect vacation?!

Photo author - Luigi Strano

Taormina is a beautiful ancient town with an amphitheater, cathedrals, and squares, located on the terrace of Mount Tauro. In the past, many artists, writers, and other creative people came here in search of inspiration. Today, thousands of travelers come to the town for the famous arts festival with the same purpose.

When visiting Taormina, be sure to check out the Ionian Sea beaches, which can be reached by funicular, and visit the village of Giardini Naxos with its beautiful long beaches. It's especially good for families with children, as all the beaches here, unlike in Taormina itself, are sandy.

3. Syracuse

Syracuse might not be the best place for a beach holiday, but it's definitely a must-visit for anyone going to Sicily. This amazing town has managed to preserve dozens of ancient structures through the centuries. The Neapolis Archaeological Park, several amphitheaters, the marble altar of Hiero II, and the theater, Maniace Castle, numerous cathedrals, and temples: the Temple of Apollo, the Grotticelli Necropolis, the Basilica of St. John the Evangelist, the cathedrals of San Paolo and Santa Maria dei Miracoli, St. Benedict, and many more.

Photo author - Sergio Tumminello

However, this is not the best place for those who simply love swimming. The coastline on land and in the water is rocky, with cliffs, many stones, and caves. But for diving enthusiasts, it's pure pleasure. After underwater swimming, you can relax on one of the beaches, admiring Cape Capo Passero.

4. Ragusa

No matter where you go in Sicily, you will always delight in the unique combination of natural beauty and ancient towns. Ragusa is another interesting place where it’s hard to decide whether you want to sunbathe on the beach or stroll around the surroundings day and night.

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Ragusa is a province with the city itself located in a more hilly part, as well as a coastal part—Marina di Ragusa, situated on the Mediterranean coast, just a 15-minute drive away. The city, as usual, is ancient, with narrow streets, small houses, tiny cathedrals, and cozy restaurants. But there is also a newer part of the city, where more hotels are popping up every year.

The coastal part of Ragusa also delights vacationers. The beaches are clean, Blue Flag awarded, and have all the necessary infrastructure, as well as plenty of entertainment for tourists.

5. Agrigento

Agrigento, though a very small medieval town, is one of the popular centers for relaxation. This is mainly because it has gathered many interesting places around it. The main one, of course, is the Valley of the Temples, which is hard to find an equal to not only in Sicily but also in all of Italy. It's a vast complex of Greek civilization ruins stretching from the town of Sciacca to Licata, along the sea coast.

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One of the favorite spots for vacationers is the Pelagie Islands, thanks to their wide beaches, warm azure sea, picturesque nature, and numerous water activities. Be sure to visit Sciacca, a large thermal resort with geysers and sandy beaches, where you can not only relax but also improve your health.

The "highlight" of Agrigento is one of the adjacent islands—the resort of Lampedusa, which we'll discuss in more detail.

6. Lampedusa

Lampedusa is truly a paradise on one of the small islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It attracts everyone with its clean, azure beaches with warm water and soft white sand. Since the island is of volcanic origin, there are cliffs, precipices, and picturesque lagoons, perfect for diving enthusiasts.

Photo author - Antonio Morri

There is only one town on the island, also called Lampedusa. It's an old, small town where you can have a good time visiting a restaurant, café, or bar, of which there are quite a few.

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Experienced travelers recommend renting a scooter to explore all the beaches on the island, each of which is uniquely beautiful and picturesque.

7. Catania

For those who love a quiet and peaceful vacation, Catania is another Sicilian province that offers a pleasant getaway. Catania boasts a fantastic location: it lies at the foot of the famous active volcano Etna, is washed by the Ionian Sea, and is crossed by the Simeto River. In short, there's plenty to see!

Photo author - debstah1

Catania is an ancient port city surrounded by small fishing villages. Be sure to visit Piazza del Duomo, the main square of the city, which features several amazing cathedrals and is the starting point for all walking routes. And if you get tired of the cityscapes, head to the parks and reserves.

8. Trapani

This small, cozy town features beautiful beaches and stunning nature in its surroundings.

Photo author - Aglez the city guy

The town itself is adorned with beautiful squares, incredible cathedrals, churches, and basilicas. Be sure to visit the luxurious gardens of Villa Margherita and stroll along the old mansions and castles.

Adjacent to the province of Trapani is the island of Pantelleria, of volcanic origin, with numerous caves and picturesque gorges. Its dark cliffs and crystal-clear waters have always attracted many tourists. The best beaches on the island are Bue Marino, Campobello, and Cala Cinque Denti.

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