20 most interesting places to visit in London

"London is the capital of Great Britain" — how many times have we mentally transported ourselves to this city while repeating this phrase? It seems we've imagined Big Ben and Buckingham Palace countless times. But once we actually find ourselves in London, what else is there to see besides these iconic landmarks? We will tell you about the 20 most interesting places and attractions that are a must-see in London!
14 july 2023
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1. Big Ben

Getting acquainted with the most interesting places in London should definitely start with a classic – the city's symbol, often jokingly referred to by locals as the Great Bell, and officially named Elizabeth Tower since 2012. You won't be able to miss this famous London landmark – Big Ben is the city's main landmark.

2. The Parliament

Londoners refer to the pompous Westminster Palace on the banks of the Thames simply as the Parliament building. If you want to learn more about British politics, you can book a tour (a standard tour costs €45.59, with a guide — €111.05), but most people find it unnecessary and are content with admiring the palace from the outside along with the adjacent Big Ben.

You can book the tour on the website.

3. Buckingham Palace

Like Westminster Palace, the residence of the Queen of the United Kingdom is open to visitors, but many prefer to view it from behind the gates. If you do want to see how the monarchs live, you can join a tour group. For €45, you can visit the state rooms, gallery, and stables, and take a walk through the gardens around the palace. There are also cheaper tour options available. For visiting hours and tour options at Buckingham Palace, check the official website.

4. London Eye

One attraction definitely worth splurging on is the London Eye. Built in 2000, it is considered the largest observation wheel in the world. This is undoubtedly the best viewing platform in London, making the €34 entry fee a bargain compared to the breathtaking views you’ll experience during the 30-minute rotation. We recommend booking tickets for the London Eye in advance online. This will save you time (there are usually long queues at the ticket office) and money (you'll have to pay 15% more at the entrance).

5. Trafalgar Square

One of the central squares in London, Trafalgar Square is home to the famous Nelson's Column. The square has now become a public zone where people come to relax and enjoy the fountains. During the Christmas season, a giant Christmas tree is set up here, transforming Trafalgar Square into a festive market.

6. Natural History Museum

Even if you are not particularly interested in natural history, it is worth visiting South Kensington to see the museum building. And if you decide to go inside, you will be amazed by the vastness of the exhibits and the number of displays. If you are wondering what to see in London with children, this museum, with its collections dedicated to dinosaurs, is a perfect find for little adventurers. Thrill-seekers can also visit after sunset for the so-called "night safari." Moreover, entry to the museum is by donation, starting from €7. You can view tours and ticket prices on the official website.

7. St. Paul's Cathedral

This cathedral is a landmark in London and is considered one of the city's iconic symbols. Construction began in the early 17th century, but after the Great Fire of London in 1666, the cathedral had to be rebuilt. An excellent view of this landmark can be seen from the nearby Millennium Bridge.

  • Opening hours: The cathedral is open for visits from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • Prices: When ordered online, tickets cost €20.50.

8. Tate Modern Gallery

The building of the gallery, located on the banks of the Thames, is unique, and what awaits you inside is even more impressive. Here you can view masterpieces by British and international contemporary artists.

  • Entry: Free.
  • Opening hours:
    • Sunday–Thursday 10:00 AM–6:00 PM,
    • Friday–Saturday 10:00 AM–10:00 PM.

9. Globe Theatre

Near Tate Modern is the famous Globe Theatre, where William Shakespeare himself performed. Of course, today you can only see a reconstruction of the original theatre, but its modern appearance—with an open thatched roof and wooden stage—takes you back to the 17th century. Daytime tours are available, and performances are held in the evenings. You can check the theatre's schedule on the official website.

10. Tower Bridge

One of London's iconic landmarks and the most famous drawbridge in the world. The nearest tube station is Tower Hill. Make sure to visit and capture this symbol of the city from the banks of the Thames.

11. The Shard Skyscraper

Constructed in 2012, this skyscraper became the tallest in Europe. It stands 309 meters tall with 73 floors. Observation decks on the 68th, 69th, and 72nd floors have been open to visitors since 2013. Be prepared to be amazed by the view of the city from this vantage point, especially if you visit in the evening.

Ticket Prices: From €35.

Tickets can be purchased on the website.

12. Tower of London

One of the oldest landmarks in London. The fortress was built in 1066 and served as a prison from 1100 to 1952. Today, it is a museum dedicated to the history of the city. The main exhibit is the royal crown. A tour here is definitely worth it.

Ticket Prices: €38 for adults.

Tickets can be purchased on the website.

13. The Gherkin

The locals call this 180-meter skyscraper the "Gherkin". Although it is not considered a tourist attraction and has no observation deck (it's all offices), it has become a modern symbol of London and a good landmark in the city.

14. Hyde Park

This is the true heart of the city! The Royal Park, located in the very center of London, must be part of your itinerary. Don't be lazy and go here. The beautiful Serpentine pond deserves a special mention; if possible, rent a boat and sail to Kensington Palace.

15. Platform 9 ¾

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, don't miss the opportunity to visit the historic King's Cross railway station. Now, you can take a photo with a Gryffindor scarf and even pretend to pass through the column.

Also, on an author's tour, you can learn where the films were shot, visit the Warner Bros. studio pavilions to see the costumes and sets from the Harry Potter films, and reward yourself with a bottle of butterbeer!

16. Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

This is a must-see event for anyone visiting London for the first time. Though, truth be told, the anticipation often exceeds the reality. But if your trip to London is from April to July and you find yourself near Buckingham Palace between 11:15 AM and 12:00 PM, we recommend staying to watch this, dare we say, show. During the rest of the year, the ceremony is often canceled due to bad weather.

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17. Whitehall

A vast square where London’s parades usually take place. You can see the Household Cavalry during the daily Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. There is also a Horse Guards Museum on Whitehall.

Admission ticket starts from €23.

18. Residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Not far from Whitehall is Downing Street, a small alley where Number 10 serves as the residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, visiting this interesting place in London is not allowed, but you can at least take a look from afar.

Interesting Fact: In the residence, which has been around for over 200 years, special cats are employed as rat-catchers.

19. Covent Garden Area

Central London's district where life buzzes around the clock. Want to feel the pulse of this area? Then come here, where there are plenty of shops, restaurants, pubs, and cafes. Also located in Covent Garden is the famous Royal Opera House.

20. Piccadilly Circus

London's version of Times Square — also with a plethora of offices, shops, and advertising billboards. Located in the heart of Westminster, it's always bustling and lively. We recommend visiting in the evening when the neon signs are lit up. A word of caution: avoid rushing into the establishments around the square, as the restaurants and cafes here tend to have inflated prices.

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