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Guide to United Kingdom

Basic Information

Great Britain, as an island nation, boasts a rich and distinctive history. While it once stood as a remote province within the Roman Empire, it eventually grew in power. Nowadays, each region of Great Britain possesses its own unique culture and traditions. An excellent illustration is the English language, which not only serves as the official language in numerous countries worldwide but is also recognized as the global language of communication.

Pound sterling
Time zone
64 100 000
242,495 km²

Dishes worth trying:

Yorkshire pudding — traditionally served as a side dish to meat or baked chicken.

Lamb with meat sauce — a traditional Welsh dish.

Oatmeal with spiced meat — if you come to Scotland, you should order this dish for breakfast, it will satisfy your hunger until lunchtime.

Tea at 5:00 p.m. — the traditional tea party in England is still the holy of holies.

Things to do in United Kingdom

To fully enjoy your trip to the UK, you need to make time to do these things during your stay here:

  • Take a ride on the largest Ferris wheel in Europe, which is located in London.
  • Transport yourself to a fabulous medieval castle in Edinburgh.
  • Feel like a student at the world's most elite university in Oxford.


Local currency can be exchanged not only at specialized points and banks, but also at post offices.
The UK mains voltage is 240V. All sockets are three-pronged, so to charge a phone or heat a kettle you will need a special adapter.
The most convenient way to get around the city remains buses, cabs are quite expensive.

Tours to United Kingdom

Many people associate Great Britain primarily with London, often planning to visit iconic landmarks like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. A 12-day tour to London can be found for around 690 USD.

For music enthusiasts, the birthplace of the famous Liverpool Four is a must-visit, and tours to Liverpool with accommodation and flights included can be found for approximately 920 USD for nine days.

Glasgow, a Scottish city, offers separate vouchers for eight days for two people at a cost of about 740 USD. Exploring smaller towns in Wales and Scotland is also an option to experience different facets of the UK.

To gain a well-rounded experience of the UK, considering tours to various cities is recommended, as you're likely to visit London in one way or another. While finding very cheap offers may be challenging due to the UK's relatively high cost of living, you can search for hot deals on the tripmydream website.

Where to go United Kingdom

Prior to heading to the UK, it's essential to determine the purpose of your visit. Typically, travelers are drawn to this country because of its wealth of historical, cultural, and architectural landmarks. Moreover, it offers fantastic opportunities for both seaside and skiing vacations. Once you've selected your preferred region in Great Britain and your travel dates, your trip will undoubtedly be a memorable one. To assist you in making these choices and booking your airfare on time, you can rely on tripmydream. Visit their website to book your air ticket conveniently.

When to go United Kingdom

Even though Great Britain is a relatively compact island nation, it offers a splendid blend of sightseeing excursions, snowy slopes, opportunities to savor local cuisine, and visits to renowned seaside resorts. Fascinating activities can be discovered throughout the year, but for the most immersive experience of this country's beauty, it's advisable to plan your visit during the summer months.

Great Britain in the spring

Springtime weather in the UK tends to be mild and humid. Sunny days can swiftly give way to brisk winds. More favorable weather conditions typically settle in during April. By May, the air temperature can even reach a pleasant +15°C.

Great Britain in the summer

As summer arrives, the UK transforms into a lush landscape, with vibrant flowers and leaves adorning the trees. Summer days are not only the warmest but also the longest. July stands out as the least windy month. Nonetheless, regardless of how warm it gets, it's always wise to keep an umbrella handy when exploring the UK.

Great Britain in the fall

Come September, the weather in the UK takes a noticeable turn for the worse. Rain becomes more frequent, and daytime temperatures plummet to around +6°C. Autumn in the UK is known for its unpredictability, where tranquil and sunny days can swiftly give way to rain, strong winds, and thick fog.

Great Britain in the winter

Winter in the UK is a great time to enjoy a mug of aromatic tea by the fireplace. December is considered the coldest and rainiest month here. January is characterized by a large amount of precipitation. In February, the weather is accompanied by slush and constant rain.


For a successful trip to the UK, regardless of the season, it's essential to tap into the valuable tips and traveler information available on tripmydream.

Visa to United Kingdom

It's worth noting that the UK is not a part of the Schengen Agreement countries. To visit the United Kingdom, you'll typically need to obtain a visa, which costs 80 GBP.

Customs & Tax Free

Bringing weapons, alcohol, counterfeit banknotes, obscene material, as well as certain food items like meat and dairy products into the UK is illegal. For more information on the Tax-Free system and other travel details, you can refer to tripmydream.

Travel by car

English is the official language in the UK. Learn a few basic phrases to feel comfortable in this country.

Phrasebook for tourists

English is the official language in the UK. Learn a few basic phrases to feel comfortable in this country.

Public transport and prices

In UK cities, public transportation is mainly buses and subways. You can find ticket prices and timetables on tripmydream.


To make a trip to the UK even more memorable and interesting, it can be timed to coincide with one of the local holidays.

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