Ancient Pearl: TOP-20 Attractions of Greece

The cradle of antiquity attracts travelers from all over the world. It smells of herbs, savors wines, and enchants with numerous attractions that sometimes have roots far beyond our era. We have compiled for you 20 of the most interesting locations in Greece and its picturesque islands.
13 june 2024
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Athenian Acropolis

This hill, popular worldwide, is more than just an open-air archaeological museum. Its temples and odeons, the famous Parthenon, the Propylaea, and other buildings have become symbols of past civilization, the main cultural objects of Athens and all of Attica.

The height of the hill is just over 150 meters. Architectural objects are located on its top and slopes, as well as at the foot of the hill. The earliest surviving structures date back to the 5th century BC.

One day will not be enough to see all the monuments. So at the ticket office, you can purchase a comprehensive 5-day ticket. With it, you can see the Acropolis itself, its northern and southern slopes, the agora and Hadrian's Library, the Lyceum excavations, and other sites.

Hill of Apollo

This ancient site in Delphi, dedicated to the god of prophecy, music, art, and beauty, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a monument of great cultural and historical significance.

This place was the main center of Apollo's cult. According to legend, the Pythia, his priestess, would sit over a chasm from which vapors rose. Inhaling these vapors, she would enter a trance and give enigmatic answers to questions asked by pilgrims from all over the ancient world.

Now the hill is considered the center of the ancient world and a place of special sacred power. In addition to Apollo's temple, the sanctuary contained a theater and stadium where games were held, as well as numerous treasuries where gifts to the gods from various states were kept.

Archaeological Museum of Athens

Ten kilometers from the city of Corfu, surrounded by picturesque nature, lies the Achilleion Palace, built in neoclassical style. It is one of the most interesting architectural objects on the island of Corfu. The palace was built in 1890-1891 for Princess Sissi, who was legally married to Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria-Hungary.

Currently, the Achilleion Palace is open to tourists. It is one of the most popular locations in the country. Guests are impressed by the magnificent panoramic views, the beauty of the landscaped park decorated with numerous sculptures. The luxurious interior of the palace is striking. Visitors can see unique wall paintings, a wide marble staircase, and statues of Hera and Zeus. The palace contains exquisite carved furniture and a fireplace made of expensive black marble.

Navagio Beach

Greece, first and foremost, attracts travelers with its boundless sea expanses and luxurious beaches. For those who recognize themselves in these words, we definitely recommend visiting the unique Navagio Beach on the island of Zakynthos. It's a true piece of paradise that you won't want to say goodbye to.

The beach will delight travelers wishing to escape from noisy megacities. After all, in these parts, there isn't even the slightest sign of civilization. Here you can feel detached from the outside world, which fills you with tranquility and harmony. Navagio gives its guests a unique opportunity to merge with pristine nature.

Just keep in mind that travelers can only get here by boat, as this place is hidden from prying eyes.

Meteora Monasteries

The Meteora Monasteries are another one of Greece's most unique attractions. This place didn't get its name by accident. In Greek, it literally means "suspended in the air," which perfectly describes these six incredible Greek Orthodox monasteries.

They are all located on the tops of cliffs, rising 400 meters above the Thessalian valley, near the city of Kalambaka in Greece.

Charming, mystical, impressive, unusual, fascinating, enormous, inspiring - these are a few words that tourists often use in an attempt to describe them. All these monasteries are under UNESCO protection.

Ancient Olympia

At the confluence of two rivers, Alpheus and Cladeus in Greece, Ancient Olympia was built in antiquity - a place of worship to Zeus, as well as the birthplace and venue of the famous Olympic Games.

One of the main attractions of Olympia is the Olympic stadium, where those legendary sports competitions were held. To this day, the Olympic torch relay starts from this stadium, and the Olympic marathon begins here. It's amazing that even after many centuries, one can still distinguish the ancient start and finish lines. The ancient gymnasium and palaestra - a place for athletes to train - have also been preserved.

Also on the territory of the settlement are the remains of two ancient temples: Zeus and Hera, and the Archaeological Museum of Olympia - one of the richest museums in Greece, where priceless exhibits found by archaeologists during local excavations are displayed.

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is known to every schoolchild as the place inhabited by Greek gods. Today it is the highest point in Greece and one of the highest mountains in Europe, reaching a height of 2919 m. Indeed, this peak is not the only one, as it consists of a whole natural complex of rocks, which number up to 40! They are all united in a single National Park covering an area of 4 hectares, which became the first in Greece in 1938 and was subsequently included in the UNESCO list.

Today, Mount Olympus in Greece is a National Park that has become home to rare representatives of flora and fauna, as well as a favorite walking spot for travelers.

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Santorini Island

Have you ever seen postcards depicting incredibly beautiful snow-white houses with blue roofs? We can confidently say that it was Santorini - a beautiful Greek island.

Everything on this island resembles the set of a romantic movie. In the 16th century, one of the strongest volcanic eruptions occurred here, resulting in the flooding of some parts of the island and the formation of a crater. The Santorini archipelago is famous for its fairy-tale beaches with multicolored sands of black, white, and even red, and very small, miniature towns and villages.

Don't neglect the island's attractions either. At Cape Akrotiri, ancient ruins from the Minoan era were discovered. They were formed during the eruption of the Santorini volcano in 1500 BC. And by climbing to the top of Santorini Island, you'll reach the Monastery of Prophet Elias. Here, an annual festival-fair is held, which you can visit on June 20.

Mykonos Windmills

The Mykonos Windmills are the hallmark of this Greek island. These beauties can be seen from any point of the settlement.

Windmills appeared in Greece in the 12th-13th centuries. Their beauty has been described by many travelers and depicted in countless photographs and postcards that have traveled around the world.

At one time, more than 600 windmills operated on the Cyclades islands! Their construction in terms of complexity and cost was comparable to creating a large sailing ship. Now, the windmills are not used for their intended purpose; they serve as a tourist magnet, a museum space, and a beautiful backdrop for your vacation photos.

Melissani Cave Lake

Melissani Cave is located on the eastern coast of the Greek island of Kefalonia. It is a karst cave with an amazingly beautiful underground lake at its center, which formed about 20,000 years ago.

The crystal-clear turquoise water framed by emerald shrubs creates a truly fairy-tale atmosphere. As a result of an earthquake that occurred about 4,000 years ago, the dome of the cave collapsed, creating a "window" above the lake itself.

Since then, sunlight entering and refracting in the water of the cave lake gives it unusual colors, and depending on the position of the sun in the sky, the water in the lake changes its color from turquoise, green, to piercing blue and even black.

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Valley of the Butterflies, Rhodes

The Valley of Petaloudes, or in other words, the Valley of the Butterflies, is one of the most famous attractions on the island of Rhodes. Thousands of butterflies from the tiger moth family flock to the valley from the end of May, after the dry season begins, attracted by the moisture and coolness, as well as the scent of styrax trees.

Every year, from May to September, thousands of visitors come to the valley to see this magnificent sight and walk along the narrow paths. The coolness of the place, flowing water, and shade of trees make it ideal for relaxation, especially on hot summer days. Small wooden bridges cross the river, and the road up the hill leads to the monastery of Panagia Kalopetra.

Achilleion Palace

On the island of Corfu, in the capital of Kerkyra, there is a significant architectural monument - the Achilleion Palace, built at the end of the 19th century. The complex also bears a second name - "the palace of the sad empress," which is associated with the history of the acquisition of these lands by Empress Elisabeth, who had experienced a series of family tragedies and found solace and peace in this picturesque region.

In the palace garden, the princess, inspired by mythology, placed a series of sculptures of ancient Greek gods, and decorated the interior of the palace with wall paintings and carved furniture, the decor of which reproduces images of mythological characters. This place is very beautiful and knows how to impress its visitors.

Photo author - grecomap

Lake Vouliagmeni

This lake is a famous thermal resort in mainland Greece. Its water is salty and warm, the lake is surrounded by rocky vaults, and the surrounding area is considered one of the most attractive in Attica.

Vouliagmeni has a special blue tint to its water due to the lake bottom, which is a series of underwater caves and tunnels. The area where the caves begin is separated from the safe zone by buoys. From the numerous surrounding hills, there are beautiful views not only of the lake but also of the sea coast.

Venetian Harbor, Chania

On the northern coast of Crete lies the ancient city of Chania with its stunning harbor. It was built during the period when these lands belonged to the Venetians, and the harbor has retained features of Venetian architecture. The construction of the harbor dates back to the 14th century.

The main attractions of the area are considered to be the Firkas Fortress, the customs house, the covered docks, and the Egyptian lighthouse. The harbor has a lively, extraordinarily beautiful promenade that has long been loved by both locals and travelers. Here you'll find typical Greek fish restaurants next to bars and cafes. The harbor is most attractive at sunset hours.

Ancient City of Lindos

Lindos is one of the three oldest cities on the island of Rhodes, founded in the 12th century BC by the first settlements of Achaeans. Even then, the city authorities controlled almost all sea routes of the Aegean Sea.

The most valuable monument of Lindos is the Acropolis, located on a rock that reaches 116 meters above sea level. At the foot of the rock, there is a bas-relief carved in the shape of an ancient Greek warship, likely constructed in the 2nd century BC. This is the only work of art of its kind in the world, with no analogues.

In addition to the bas-relief, the temple of Aphrodite, dated to the 4th century BC, is admirable. In almost every ancient city, amphitheaters were built, and on the territory of the Acropolis, there is also an amphitheater, unusual in that its stands and arena are carved into the rock itself.

Mount Athos

The main Orthodox shrine of Greece, Mount Athos is a place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians from all over the world. Here, its own laws apply, and life is nothing like tourist Greece. They use the Julian calendar here, and the entire monastic republic recognizes not secular authority, but the authority of the Constantinople Patriarchate.

On Mount Athos itself, there are 20 male monasteries, and only men can visit them after obtaining special permission. Women can visit the secular part of the region. The untouched nature of these places and the beaches of the Halkidiki peninsula are considered among the most attractive in the country.

Port of Naoussa

The port town of Naoussa is considered the second largest on the island. And the most interesting thing about it is the harbor with numerous fishing boats, white houses with blue roofs and bright shutters, and a paved promenade. Along the harbor runs a series of fish restaurants, sitting at the tables of which you can observe how fresh fish goes from the boats directly to the kitchen.

The place is notable for its unhurried pace and the traditional way of life of a fishing town. In the low season, there are almost no tourists here. Besides the harbor, we recommend exploring the city streets and the Cathedral.

Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is one of the most beautiful places on the island of Crete and the longest gorge in Europe. It is also home to many rare representatives of flora and fauna.

The hiking journey through the gorge begins at the Omalos plateau, then travelers walk through cypress and pine forests, cross the bed of a mountain river, rest by clear mountain springs, and descend along steep cliffs to the shore of the Libyan Sea. In short, for lovers of rich and luxurious nature, this place can be a real find.

Rhodes Aquarium

A walk along Elli Beach on the Rhodes promenade will lead you to the northern part of the island. It is here, in a historic building of unique architecture, that the Rhodes Hydrobiological Station - the Aquarium - is located. This is an ideal place for those wishing to get acquainted with the marine wealth of the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The aquarium is designed as an underwater sea cave with winding corridors, skillfully decorated with natural seashells and aquariums housing deep-sea inhabitants, thus creating a sense of complete immersion in water and causing genuine delight in children and adults.

Myrtos Beach

The Greek island of Kefalonia also has its attractions, which are valued for their pristine natural beauty. Among them is Myrtos Beach - a cozy and attractive sandy corner by the sea, hidden amidst huge hills covered with greenery.

Myrtos is among the most picturesque and cleanest beaches in the world from an ecological point of view. Despite its pristine appearance, Myrtos is well-equipped for relaxation - there are sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, and bars, although another part of it still remains untouched by civilization, presenting an ideal place for complete isolation, silence, and solitude.

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