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Virtual tour of Málaga

Málaga today is one of the largest administrative and cultural centers of Andalusia, the Spanish province. It is interesting to visit the city not only in summer - even in winter there is a place to walk around. Moreover, thanks to the compact location of local attractions, you can get acquainted with the treasures of Málaga in a couple of days. The first stop to explore the city is the monumental Renaissance cathedral. The temple has only one tower, so it is nicknamed one-armed by the local population.

The defensive structures of Alcabas and Hibralfaro are also interesting. Fortified from enemies palaces were created in XI and XIV centuries respectively. There are in Malaga and cultural monuments created before our era. In the I century before the birth of Christ was built Roman amphitheater, perfectly preserved today.

The walk through the Old Town is crowned by the Constitution Square - a concentration of fountains and houses of ancient architecture. From it starts the street of luxury boutiques and mansions Marques de Larios - another modern tourist attraction. Málaga is also known as the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. Fans of painting are sure to visit the Plaza Merced in his memory. Málaga is also the birthplace of Antonio Banderas.

But the interesting places in the city do not end here...

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Tips for tourists

Málaga is known for its, little-understood classification of coffee. Here, instead of the familiar latte and espresso, there are "clouds" and "shade".
Local shopping is characterized by a wonderful assortment, but rather high prices. Especially when it comes to Marques de Larios Street.
The local cuisine is a paradise for fish lovers. Fried sardines and anchovies, as well as clams in wine, are a must-try.
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Tours to Malaga

A week's vacation in Málaga not only offers plenty of time to swim in the Mediterranean and enjoy the clean beaches, but also to explore the city's main attractions. Be sure to include both the modern and historic parts of Málaga in your walk. Especially since most places are free and free to visit.

A hot trip for a week's stay in Málaga will cost from 900 EUR. A standard package tour, booked online independently, costs from 1050 EUR. The price of such a tour includes accommodation in a 3-4 star hotel, meals, flight, transfers to the hotel, and minimum medical insurance.

When you book a package tour in a travel agency, the cost of the trip increases by 5-10% on average. But we strongly recommend using an agency if you are traveling abroad for the first time.

Travel budget

Flight ticket prices

Malaga's Costa del Sol International Airport ranks as the 4th busiest among Spanish airports, situated just 8 km from the city center. It not only caters to the coastal region's air transportation needs but also collaborates with 60 international airlines including AirBerlin, British Airways, S7, Finnair, Air China, and others. The airport serves over 12 million passengers annually.

Flights between Paris and Malaga are quite accessible, with prices starting from 100 EUR for round trips. Similarly, flights between Berlin and Malaga begin at around 130 EUR for a round trip. These ticket prices remain consistent throughout the year, with variations more influenced by airline discounts and promotions rather than seasonality.

The best hotels in Malaga

There are over a thousand accommodation options in the city to suit all tastes. 3-star hotels (such as Soho Boutique Malaga and Holiday Inn Express Málaga Airport) offer a standard double room for 75-85 EUR per night.

A room at a 4-star hotel (Room Mate Valeria and Hotel Palacete de Alamos) costs from 120 EUR per night. A luxury 5-star hotel (e.g. Vincci Selección Posada del Patio) offers a similar room for 230 EUR.

The cost of vacation

Malaga is one of the popular modern Spanish resorts, which is characterized by an average price level for the country. As with all European tourist towns, accommodation is expensive, but this is more than offset by cheap flights.

We have calculated a rough estimate of a vacation for four days and three nights, based on the following costs:
  • flight to Malaga and subsequent transfer to the hotel;
  • lodging in a 3-star hotel with breakfast included;
  • lunch and dinner in a restaurant;
  • public transportation

The budget for a trip to Malaga
Flight Transfer from 15 EUR
Accommodation from 75 EUR Average check in a restaurant from 12 EUR
Travel by public transportation from 1.3 EUR
Total costs: from 450 EUR for 1 person for 4 days of rest.

Málaga: tips for tourists

tripmydream has compiled useful information for traveling to Malaga to make your trip comfortable and carefree!

Visa to Malaga

No visa needed for European citizens.


A pre-booked shuttle bus (15 EUR) is available from the airport to the hotel. For those who prefer more comfort, cabs (from 23 EUR) are available. Budget transfers are available by city bus or train (3 EUR).

Car rental

Depending on the rental company, the car is for hire to a driver over 21 years of age (with 1 year of experience) or 23 years of age if the experience is 3 years or more. The cost of renting a car starts from 20 EUR per day. Hire is cheaper for a period of more than 20 days.


The most popular modes of transportation in Malaga are train and bus. They cost 1.3 EUR. Cabs are common, but are quite expensive (from 20 EUR).


Malaga has high fines for troublemakers, including motorists. Leave valuables in the hotel safe and don't carry large amounts of cash.

Malaga has high fines for disorderly conduct, including for motorists.

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