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Guide to Turkey

Basic Information

Let's find out what distinguishes the resorts of Turkey from each other, where you can relax in winter and where in Turkey you can still see the traces of the great civilizations. Get ready for unexpected discoveries and pleasant surprises!

Multifaceted Turkey - the land of the four seas. For travellers who love the heat, the south coast of the Mediterranean Sea, such as Marmaris or Antalya, is ideal. The west coast of Turkey (Kusadasi and Bodrum) will suit young people, and the northern coast, with its familiar to Europeans Black Sea, is perfect for those who prefer a mild climate. The north-western border of Turkey is washed by the Sea of Marmara. It is home to resorts such as Armutlu, Yalova, Erdik and Iznik, which are known for their fish markets and balneotherapy resorts.

Winter resorts such as Uludag, Kartalkaya, Palandöken and many others will delight tourists with the best price-quality ratio. Skiing and snowboarding season is open from December to March.

But Turkey - it is also a limitless opportunities for outdoor activities (diving, parasailing, yachting, and more), numerous cultural events, wonderful nature and the millennial history of the Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman empires, preserved in stone.

Undeniable pleasant bonuses are visa-free travel, direct flights from European countries, and affordable prices for accommodation and food.

Turkish lira
Time zone
GMT +3
83 935 000
783,562 km²

Dishes worth trying:

Dolma — is similar to the familiar stuffed cabbage rolls, only instead of cabbage leaves are used grape leaves, and the stuffing is made from lamb.

Șekerpare — is a soft, sugar-syrup-soaked cookie with an almond nut in the middle.

Gözleme — is a thin flatbread with a variety of fillings: cheese, potato, and meat; served only hot.

Baklava — is a world-famous Turkish sweet made of sweet walnut sauce, honey, and delicate dough.

Mercimek çorbası — is a delicate cream soup of pumpkin, lentils, mushrooms and broccoli, light and hearty at the same time.

Things to do in Turkey

  • Admire a riot of color at the Tulip Festival in Istanbul.

  • Take the best photos while flying in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia.

  • . Come to the International Boat Festival in Marmaris.

  • Become a viewer of the International Bodrum Cup Regatta.

  • Enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Kusadasi.

  • To visit the birthplace of St. Nicholas in Demre.

  • Skiing on the snowy slopes in Kartalkaya or Uludag.

  • Golfing in the lush pine and cypress forests of Belek.


Haggling is not possible only in supermarkets and stores where goods are marked with fixed prices.
Exchange currency for Turkish Liras is possible at exchangers, for this, no documents are required.
If you bought goods in Turkey worth more than 100 TYR in stores participating in the tax refund system, you can get back from 8 to 18% of the value by tax-free.


It is no secret that many tourists who come to Turkey for a summer vacation, consider the sea as the main attraction. For all fans of active travel Turkey offers so many attractions that to get acquainted with them may not be enough vacation. tripmydream will tell you about the most interesting places in Turkey, which should be visited by all guests of this beautiful country.

Tours to Turkey

One of the primary reasons why many tourists are accustomed to purchasing tours to Turkey is for a beach vacation. The allure of a reasonably priced "all-inclusive" package has always enticed vacationers who seek to do nothing but relax and soak up the sun.

However, over time, tourists have discovered Turkey's cultural treasures and have begun to take an interest in its excursion options. Today, many people purchase tour packages with the primary goal of exploring the ruins of the Lycian Kingdom, the remains of ancient temples, theatres, and libraries. Some of the country's most impressive cultural sites are open for visitors to explore.

In addition to summertime leisure activities, Turkey is now actively promoting winter tourism. Skiing trips to the Uludag Mountain resort have become increasingly popular. However, this sector of tourism is not yet as developed as the beach vacation option.

The only thing that remains constant is the low cost of tours to Turkey. For instance, an eight-day trip to Istanbul can be booked for as little as 340 USD. However, these are some of the most affordable travel options available, and prices for popular resorts will be slightly higher. For example, a trip to Antalya during the same time frame would cost around 490 USD, while Bodrum would be around 760 USD.

Affordable tour packages can be found through travel companies' "last-minute deals." To avoid having to check for updated offers every day, subscribe to tripmydream's newsletter for alerts on the latest travel deals.

Where to go Turkey

For many years, Turkey has been known to tourists as a country offering budget summer vacations by the sea. Indeed, the sandy or pebbled beaches, which are listed as the cleanest in the world, the warm sea, excellent service, and the best shopping opportunities - all of this is what Turkey offers its guests. However, this country can offer not only a leisurely vacation in the hot summer but also extreme winter holidays on beautiful ski slopes, special resorts for diving enthusiasts, as well as unforgettable trips to ancient cities. The decision on where to go in Turkey, of course, is up to you, and our service tripmydream can help you choose the best and most budget-friendly route.

When to go Turkey

The beach season in Turkey can already be opened in May when warm and comfortable weather sets in. A trip to the Mediterranean resorts during the hot months of July and August, where there may be high humidity, can be disappointing. You can even swim in Turkey's resorts in October, so you can extend your summer by going to Turkey in the velvet season. If you are planning a trip to the city on two continents, Istanbul, you can start packing your bags at the end of March because, in April, the Tulip Festival opens, attracting many tourists from all over the world. An excellent option is to visit Istanbul during the shopping festival in June. At this time, while there is no exhausting heat, you can admire the sights and buy new things.

Turkey in spring

Spring in Turkey comes earlier than in other places. In April and May the swimming season at the resorts of Turkey is already open. All the spring months in Turkey are perfect for long excursions, because at this time there is no exhausting heat.

Turkey in summer

Summer is considered the high season. The hottest months of the year are July and August, when daytime temperatures can reach +40ºC. However, despite this, the prices of trips to the resort cities of Turkey at this time increase significantly in price.

Turkey in autumn

The first months of autumn in Turkey can be perceived as a continuation of summer, the only difference is the cooler nights, but the daytime temperature still reaches high points of +30-35ºC. Even in November, many adventurous people swim.

Turkey in winter

In the winter, one should not forget about Turkey, as it is the perfect time to spend a great vacation in the mountainous areas, skiing, and in the coastal regions, you can enjoy an affordable vacation in a five-star hotel and swim in a pool with seawater.


A trip to Turkey will be easy and enjoyable because tripmydream is ready to share with you the secrets of a perfect holiday in Turkey.

Visa to Turkey

To travel to Turkey you do not need a visa, at the border at the airport must present a passport that is valid for at least 4 months.

Customs & Tax Free

It is considered that Turkish customs is one of the most lenient among the customs of European countries, but it is still important not to violate the prohibitions established by it.

Travel by car

The rules of renting a car are usual, but it is important to take the time to learn about fines and traffic rules in Turkey to ensure that your car trip leaves the best impression.

Phrasebook for tourists

In resort areas, the service staff understands English, but if you say a few words in Turkish, you will be provided with special attention.

Public transport and prices

The most convenient way to travel from one city in Turkey to another is by plane. Airports are available even in small cities of the country.


Explore our calendar and plan a trip to Turkey on important public holidays to see how the Turkish people celebrate them.

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