Transportation in Sydney

Tourists who want to save money can be advised to use public transportation in the city. It is very convenient.

City Transportation

The public transportation network in Sydney is very well developed. There are more than a dozen metrobus routes, buses, streetcars, subways, and elevated subways. The most popular public transportation in Sydney is buses, whose stops are marked with yellow icons with corresponding images.

Transportation in Sydney

Public Transport Fares

Transport prices in Sydney: subway and monorail fare is 3.8 AUD, bus fare is 2.4 AUD, and cab fare is 2.5 AUD per kilometer. A 1-2 day pass costs AUD 21, a week pass costs AUD 43.

There are free buses that run in specific areas of the city for tourists who want to save money. The route numbers are 41, 430, 999, 950, 950, 720, 88, 777, 555, 900.

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