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Guide to Australia

Basic Information

Australia is every traveler's dream. After all, do many people really want to see the largest island in the world, which is both a mainland and a single and unique country? Australia's national parks, its unique fauna, protected areas attract the attention of wildlife connoisseurs. And good tourist infrastructure and hospitality of the distant southern state create all conditions for visiting.

Australian English
Australian dollar
Time zone
GMT +8 …+11
7,692,024 km²

Dishes worth trying:

Kangaroo — is any dish from roasts to meat soups can include this ingredient.

Chickens Melbourne — Chicken fried in olive oil, tender meat served in a rose sauce.

Australian meat pie — minced meat pie, occasionally with onions and vegetable additions.

Lemington — A sweet dish, dessert, a plain biscuit drizzled with chocolate glaze, sprinkled with coconut shavings.

Things to do in Australia

  • Touch Mount Uluru near the resort town of Yulara.
  • Feeding kangaroos on an island near Adelaide.
  • Meet the platypuses in Queensland.
  • Swim with dolphins at the Manki Mia Resort.
  • See Aboriginal creativity near Darwin.
  • To visit the Opera House in Sydney.
  • Visit the underground city of Coober Pedy.


Check the weather forecast in advance. Australia is a hot country. But it can rain at almost any time of year.
Snakes, spiders, crocodiles and sharks. They're here. And a lot of them. If you are traveling to protected areas, make sure you follow the safety information on your routes and find out what's in the area.
It is illegal to smoke in most public places in Australia. Not everywhere is marked.


We have compiled a list of Australia's top attractions for you to find something that will allow you to get to know this amazing continent unlike any other. Historical evidence of colonization, futuristic architecture of cities, and, above all, the amazing nature of this country requires exploration. We will try to name those places that any traveler dreams of visiting.

Tours to Australia

A distant continent attracts tourists with its location alone. It is interesting to go on a tour to the other side of the globe, where snow falls in summer and it is hot in winter.

In addition, where else can you get your picture taken with a kangaroo or koala? The best local nature parks are always crowded with sightseeing tourists. Along with the parks, vacationers are taken to the local desert to see the huge dunes and learn about the traditions of the local aborigines.

Fans of ultra-modern attractions buy trips to Melbourne or Seattle. At one time these two cities fought a long battle for the right to be called the capital of Australia. As a result, the city of Canberra got this status, and in these cities the gawkers are happy to see the amazing buildings.

Few people know, but in winter in Australia buy ski tours to local winter resorts. True, the cost of such a vacation is not small. Mainly due to high flight costs.

If you try very hard, you can pick up hot vouchers to Australia for about 1,600 USD. But such happiness falls far from everyone. Most often the price of such trips is a little higher.

Inexpensive trips are offered to Sydney for eight days. For two people you will have to spend 1,800 USD. And this is the price of a hot offer. Comparatively cheap trips are organized to Melbourne for 12 days. Two adults can go here for only 1,900 USD.

Where to go Australia

You will not find in Australia outstanding monuments of medieval architecture, ancient temples and castles, other things that attract us to European countries. But there is plenty of space for extreme pastime, sightseeing tours, and studying the original history of Australian tribes. As well as attractions of completely different kinds. And, of course, diving and marine recreation are waiting for you, as well as hunting. tripmydream will help you decide where you should go on vacation in Australia and find super cheap air tickets.

When to go Australia

Australia is considered a very hot country. In its northern part it has a tropical climate. Whereas in the south, the seasons opposite to ours alternate quite successfully. April, May, September and October, the off-season period, are considered good months for visiting any part of Australia. The weather is most pleasant in November. But you should know that each region of the country has its own peculiarities.

Australia in spring

Spring is the rainy season in Australia. It is most noticeable in the north of the country. It is warm in the southern cities and gets cooler towards the end of the season. At the end of March the rains begin to end. The second half of spring is considered a good time for excursions and walks. The average temperature across the territory is around +20°C.

Australia in summer

In Australia, winter begins in June. Even in the coldest parts of the country, temperatures do not fall below 0°C. June is the coldest month in the southern half of the country, but it is coldest in Tasmania. However, the northern part of the country can be a little hot in the summer.

Australia in fall

In September, the real spring is already arriving in Australia. The average sea temperature in the north is around +27°C. In the southern part of Australia it is slightly cooler. In the regions where it was cold, it gradually becomes warmer and more comfortable. Nature in November in Australia begins to blossom and become more colorful.

Australia in winter

In winter, it is summer in Australia. So the average temperature on the mainland is from +25°C and up to +35°C. An ideal time for swimming in any of the country's many seaside resorts. And not the best time for sightseeing. However, it is quite acceptable to explore major cities from air-conditioned tourist buses.


To make your trip to Australia a great one, tripmydream has compiled useful tips and all the travel tricks.

Visa to Australia

The cost of a visa to Australia is 100 USD. Travel to this country requires a lot of documents and compliance with certain conditions.

Customs & Tax Free

What products, valuables and items are prohibited to bring in and out of Australia. Find out how you can reclaim VAT in Australia.

Travel by car

In Australia, you can take a car to visit natural attractions, interesting cities without additional difficulties.

Phrasebook for tourists

In Australia, English with a few dialectical peculiarities is the common language.

Public transport and prices

The most convenient way to get around Australia is by train and car. Find out how you can travel around the country conveniently.


If you want to time your trip to Australia to coincide with an exciting event in the country, it's worth checking out our calendar.

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