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Guide to Germany

Basic Information

If you have ever dreamt of witnessing the stern beauty of Gothic and Romanesque architecture, exploring the land of Bach and Heine, capturing cathedrals and waterfronts in your photographs, then your path should lead you to Germany. At any time of the year, this country will unfold before you in a previously unexplored way, showcasing the beauty of parks and museums, helping you restore your health at spa resorts, or, as the musketeers used to say, "taking the waters." From the coastal areas to snow-covered mountain slopes, picturesque landscapes to countless works of art preserved in the crucible of Germany's tumultuous history, you will find it all in Germany.

Time zone
81 419 000
357,168 km²

Dishes worth trying:

Schweinebraten — well-cooked pork is the main dish in most German restaurants.

Sausage — In Berlin you will be offered fried sausage with curry sauce, and in Bavaria you will be offered white sausage with sweet mustard.

Steckerlfish — Fish roasted whole on a skewer on the grill.

Eintopf — meat soup with vegetables.

Rote grütze — a wonderful dessert that is made from a mixture of red berries - cherries, raspberries, strawberries, and others.

Things to do in Germany

Every country has its calling card cities. In Germany, there are many such places, and it's hard to really get to know the country without visiting these cities:

  • To see a clock in Berlin that displays the time in all cities around the world.
  • Come to Munich for Oktoberfest.
  • See Cologne from the tower of the famous Cologne Cathedral.
  • Visit the Mercedes and Porsche museums in Stuttgart.


Rumors about the pedantic and punctuality of the Germans are quite true. Don't be late for your appointments!
Germans typically use a handshake as a greeting, both among men and women. German women can feel offended if they are not offered a handshake when meeting someone for the first time.
Red roses as a gift are considered a nearly universal symbol of love and affection. Be attentive when choosing flowers, as presenting red roses can be seen as an expression of love.


Just like any European country with a long history, Germany offers a wealth of sights to see. It is by no means a small country and has preserved numerous priceless relics from past centuries. That's why it would be challenging to describe all the attractions of Germany within a few pages. However, we will do our best to help you discover what you should see during your journey.

Tours to Germany

Lovers of beauty seek tours to Germany for its majestic medieval architecture. However, not all buildings have survived the bombings of World War II, but with their characteristic meticulousness, Germans have meticulously restored most of the architectural monuments with maximum accuracy. Therefore, no matter which part of Germany you visit, you will inevitably come across one of the Gothic castles along the way.
But castles are not the only reason why tourists search for travel packages to Germany. Food enthusiasts love to come here for gastronomic tours. Bavarian sausages, pork knuckles, beers of various shades and flavors—what else can a lover of good food dream of?
Of course, entertainment! And there's plenty of it at the famous "Oktoberfest." It's no wonder that the price of travel packages to this destination noticeably increases in October.
In general, the cost of tours to Germany is not cheap. For example, to visit Cologne for two weeks, you will have to spend at least 950 EUR for two people. However, you don't have to worry about flights and accommodation.
It is cheaper for two people to visit the capital city for approximately the same number of days for around 520 EUR. A very affordable trip would take only a couple of days. For instance, you can visit Munich for three days for 260 EUR. But it's better to look for last-minute deals a couple of days before departure.

Where to go Germany

Germany is a vast country where everyone can find something enjoyable. You can limit yourself to exploring the attractions of a single city or embark on a voyage through the country's main historical centers. For enthusiasts of extreme sports, Germany offers ski resorts. And if you're seeking a relaxed getaway, the coastal resorts of Germany await you during the summer, while spa resorts provide opportunities for relaxation throughout the year. With the help of tripmydream, it will be easy for you to decide where to go in Germany and find out the cost of airplane tickets.стоимость билета на самолет.

When to go Germany

You can confidently travel to Germany at any time of the year. Winter, summer, and the shoulder seasons always offer something to see and places to visit. If you're looking for a beach experience, the coastal regions are open during hot days, while winter provides an opportunity to conquer the slopes of the mountains. And, of course, you can admire architectural wonders and rare museum exhibits at any time of the year. The walls of theaters, museums, and cafes will reliably shelter you from inclement weather or heat. So, all you need to do is determine the purpose of your trip, and then you can easily decide when to travel to Germany.

Germany in spring

In March in Germany, it is quite cool and windy, the weather is unstable and the thermometer does not even rise above +10°C during the day. But by April, it's getting warmer, and it's a magical time of blooming in parks and gardens.

Germany in summer

Summers in Germany are mild, with temperatures often not exceeding +25 ° C. In the east it can be very hot at times. July and August are the time of beach holidays, when you can swim in the resorts of the Baltic Sea.

Germany in Autumn

The beginning of autumn in Germany is sunny, but in October it starts to get cold. In November, it rains heavily, and you can't do without a cup of hot mulled wine.

Germany in winter

Winter in Germany is mild. Temperatures rarely drop below zero. It rains more often than snows in winter. The exceptions are the Bavarian Alps. In winter the resorts here have a great ski season.


How to avoid getting into awkward situations while traveling, how to communicate with local residents, and what subtleties should you be aware of? We have gathered all this information together to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

Visa to Germany

EU citizens do not need a visa to travel to Germany if they have a biometric passport.

Customs & Tax Free

What you can and cannot bring in and out of Germany. How to save money with Tax Free.

Travel by car

The best way to travel freely in Germany is to rent a car. Find out how to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Phrasebook for tourists

We have prepared a little dictionary for you, the phrases of which will help you feel more confident in Germany.

Public transport and prices

Germany has the most efficient transport system in all of Europe. Find out how to save money on domestic travel in the country.


If you dream to visit one of Germany's festivals or holidays, take a look at our calendar of events.

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