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Guide to Ireland

Basic Information

Ireland, or Green Erin, as the Irish poetically call it, is one of the most mysterious countries in Europe. It is a country with centuries of rebellious history, the birthplace of famous poets and the subject of a huge number of stories and jokes. Ireland is fabulously beautiful, not for nothing it is called the Emerald Isle.

According to legends, Ireland is a haven for fairies and elves, and the locals are in no hurry to refute these legends. It is also the birthplace of one of the world's best whiskies, which is very much appreciated by tourists.

Irish and English
Time zone
4 595 000
70,273 km²

Dishes worth trying:

Shepherd's pie and boiled corned beef and cabbage. — Ireland's most delicious beef dishes.

Gaelic steak — steak is traditionally served with Irish Stew - Irish vegetable stew

Black and white sausage puddings — white pudding looks and tastes like liver sausage. Black pudding is made on the basis of sheep's blood.

Things to do in Ireland

  • Drinking a Guinness at Temple Bar in Dublin.
  • Kiss the wall of Blarney Castle near the city of Cork.
  • Ride a bicycle through the county of Clare.
  • Visit St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin.
  • Walk in the footsteps of the novel Ullis in Bloomsday.


Automobile traffic in Ireland is left-handed.
The sockets in hotels in Ireland have three holes, so be concerned about an adapter.
Not a bad time to travel around Ireland is winter - no rain at this time.

Tours to Ireland

Lease rewrite so it sounds more natural and save the code: Vacation in Ireland is not a beach vacation. Although the country is surrounded on almost all sides by seas, the cool climate is not very dispose to swimming. Ireland is a stunning landscape, in the greenery of which are buried ancient castles, fortresses, cathedrals.
Therefore, tours of the country usually cover several cities, not only the capital of the country. Often in a sightseeing tour of Ireland include a trip to the picturesque cliffs of Moher. And if you're lucky, you can visit the famous Nugrange tomb.
This is one of the country's top attractions. On the winter solstice, it is briefly illuminated from within by sunlight. Only a limited number of tourists can see it, so the cost of such a trip during this period increases significantly.
Another goal of many Irish tours is the Guinness Brewery and the Jameson Distillery Museum. Many people are not even interested in the price of such vouchers. They are ready to pay any money, just to personally visit the heart of the production of famous drinks.
Since Ireland is a long way to Ireland, no one will offer you a cheap trip here. The most inexpensive options are designed only for a couple of days of visiting Dublin - 570 EUR for five days for two people.
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Where to go Ireland

Ireland is not too big, so you have the opportunity to see the whole island during your trip. But only cursorily, because serious inspection of each corner of Ireland will take a lot of time. Therefore, it is worth to decide in advance where exactly to go to Ireland. The most popular direction of local wanderings is sightseeing tours to all corners of Ireland. But for lovers of beach vacations there are also interesting places here.

When to go Ireland

The most popular time to travel to Ireland is, of course, summer. At this time, the cold climate of the local lands gives its inhabitants a break and pleases them with warmth and sunny days. But in fact, it is interesting to go to Ireland at any time of the year. The journey will be fascinating, regardless of the weather. You will always be able to see something new and admire amazing landscapes. tripmydream will help you decide when to go on vacation to Ireland.

Ireland in spring

In spring in Ireland, the rain is rapidly replaced by sunshine and rainbows, so be prepared for this changeable weather. But nature is in full bloom and green at this time.

Ireland in summer

Summers in Ireland are cool, with the air barely warming up to +20°C. Rain and fog are commonplace. However, thanks to the Gulf Stream, it is still possible to swim in the coastal waters.

Ireland in the fall

It gets dark quickly in Ireland in the fall. Although still relatively warm, the rains intensify and fogs increasingly blanket the coast. It becomes particularly uncomfortable in November.

Ireland in winter

Winter in Ireland is quite warm, the thermometer rarely drops below zero, and more often shows +5-10°C. There is almost no rain in winter and snowfall is very rare.


To make your journey past easy and enjoyable, tripmydream has pulled together important trivia worth knowing in Ireland.

Visa to Ireland

Ireland requires a national visa, not a Schengen visa. It costs 60 EUR.

Customs & Tax Free

What is prohibited to import and export from Ireland? Does the Tax Free system work here?

Travel by car

The car will make your trip free from traditional sightseeing routes.

Phrasebook for tourists

Almost all Irish people know English. But it is still worth knowing a few phrases in the local language to better understand your interlocutor.

Public transport and prices

Ireland's public transportation network is quite convenient. Learn the features and get on the road.


So that you can time your trip to coincide with one of the Irish holidays, we've put together a calendar of important Irish dates.

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