When is the best time to travel to Ireland

Planning a trip to Ireland? Find out when is the best time to travel!

When planning a trip, the question invariably arises when it is better to go on vacation to Ireland. The harsh climate of the country scares many tourists, but it makes sense to go here for a week at almost any time of the year. The wonderful nature of Green Erin is beautiful in its own way in any season. Therefore, the decision when it is better to go to Ireland depends solely on the purpose of your trip.

The high season in Ireland is during the summer months. The low season in Ireland is most of the year.

Ireland in winter

Holidays in Ireland in winter

It would seem that winter, cold and cold, it's better to stay at home than wander the roads of a foreign country. However, the reality is much more optimistic. The weather in Ireland in winter is warm by our standards, with sub-zero temperatures rarely occurring, more often than not the thermometer stays at +10°C.

Winter is the best time to fly to Ireland for sightseeing. There's no rain in winter, which is almost inevitable in all other seasons.

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Holidays in Ireland in spring

Spring in Ireland is smooth, with temperatures warming from +10°C in March to +15°C in May. At this time the country blooms and is carpeted in green. Spring is the most beautiful time on the island, when you can go to Ireland just to admire nature.

Weather in Ireland in spring is unstable, so locals rush to enjoy every hour of bright sunshine. It can change to rain at any moment.

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Holidays in Ireland in summer

The weather in Ireland in summer is not hot, with temperatures rarely rising above +20°C. However, it's not just a great time to travel and visit the sights and national parks.

Sea life on Ireland's coasts is excellent, thanks to the warm Gulf Stream current. It's best to start swimming in July, though.

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Holidays in Ireland in Autumn

The weather in Ireland in the fall gradually cools down, becoming almost wintry and increasingly rainy by November. You can't swim, but it's a pretty good time for sightseeing. Irish fall is also a time for festivals and celebrations, and the Irish know how to party.

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