Split: TOP 12 attractions of the Croatian resort

Split is a beautiful Croatian city on the Adriatic coast, surrounded by picturesque forests and hills. Here history does not weigh on you with prim silence and dusty exhibits. This city-museum will amaze you with its cheerful wisdom, incredible energy, bright colors and intriguing unpredictability.
22 june 2024
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Diocletian's Palace

The era of Emperor Diocletian left behind many buildings and structures in the city, the largest of which was the Emperor's Palace. Together with the historical part of Split, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. By the way, the emperor's tomb is also located here, in the Cathedral.

The history of the palace is not as simple as it seems, and local guides will certainly tell you about it. Its construction was carried out from 284 to 305 AD. Subsequently, the city began to grow around the residence.

Today, this Croatian attraction occupies a large part of the historic city center, housing residential complexes and restaurants, numerous shops and cozy cafes.

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Old Town

The Old Town of Split is a must-see attraction at the resort. A significant part of the historic center is occupied by Diocletian's Palace, which we've already told you about, but tourists should also wander through the labyrinth of nearby streets. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages has been preserved here, and there are many buildings from the Renaissance era.

To enjoy the moment, be sure to drink coffee in one of the street cafes on People's Square and buy a souvenir at Fruit Square.

Putalj Winery

Even if you're not a fan of wine, find time to visit this attraction in Split. Here you'll be able to enrich your knowledge, have an interesting time, and understand another part of the region's culture.

The tour of the winery is conducted by the owner, who explains the wine-making process. Guests can visit the vineyard, walk around the plantation, and taste wines of different ages. Bread, cheese, and prosciutto are served with the drinks.

Klis Fortress

Klis Fortress is an attraction in Split that has made it famous worldwide. This is where the renowned saga "Game of Thrones" was filmed, making the fortress a pilgrimage site for fans of the series.

However, this citadel is interesting in its own right. It was built in the 3rd century BC as a defensive structure. Later, Klis Fortress became a royal castle, which for centuries served as the residence of Croatian kings. With its strategically important location, the citadel played a key role in the defense of Dalmatia for over 2000 years.

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Marjan Park

This park in Split is shrouded in legends. According to one of them, the emperor ordered the creation of a recreational area on the mountain for the city's residents. At that time, there were more than 10,000 of them.

At one point, the President of Yugoslavia loved to relax in the park and even set up a residence here. In the middle of the last century, this attraction in Split was improved - a large number of trees were planted in the park, and recreation areas were developed. So today it is not only a favorite place for locals to relax but also for non-local travelers.

Ivan Meštrović Gallery

The southern slopes of Marjan Hill are adorned by the fascinating Meštrović Gallery. It was founded in 1951 on the site of his former villa by sculptor Ivan Meštrović - the most famous master of the 20th century. He was born in Split, and the peak of his creative career took place in Paris and London.

Today, the Meštrović Gallery houses 192 sculptures made of bronze, marble, and wood, over 500 drawings and 4 paintings, 291 architectural plans, and 2 sets of furniture, one of which was made according to the sculptor's sketches. In addition, the gallery has a family archive that was found in the house in 1952. Here you can see letters from friends and personal documents of members of this outstanding family.

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Cathedral of Saint Domnius

The Cathedral of Saint Domnius is a complex that includes a church and a bell tower. In the 3rd century, it housed the emperor's mausoleum. In the 13th century, a hexagonal pulpit was added to it. The interior was complemented with an altar and a choir was built. The carved wooden doors and the altar of the chapel were made by an Italian master. An excellent panorama opens from the top of the local bell tower.

The treasury on the first floor of the building houses the relics of Saint Domnius and other holy objects.

National Theatre

One of the largest theaters in Southeast Europe, built at the end of the 19th century according to the design of local architects, is located in Split.

Initially, mainly visiting Italian troupes performed here, as Croatians didn't have their own troupe at that time. But over the years, theatrical art in Croatia has developed greatly. Now the Croatian National Theatre gives 300 performances a year, which are attended by 120,000 spectators annually. Opera performances, symphony concerts, and festivals are held here.

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Beaches of Split

The resort town of Split is a resort for a reason, as it primarily attracts travelers who are thirsty for a beach and sea vacation. So it's time to talk about the local beaches!

One of the most famous beaches is Bačvice Beach, covered with soft white sand, with numerous cafes, bars, discos, and restaurants. The beach is always very clean, despite the large number of tourists.

The rocky shores of Bene Beach, Trstenik Beach, Žnjan Beach, and Radisson Blue Resort Beach, covered with the finest pebbles, are also excellent for swimming. They are equipped with sun loungers, water sports equipment rentals, and, moreover, are absolutely free.

Fruit Square

Among the attractions of Split, Fruit Square stands out for its elegance and comfort. Previously, it was the center of a huge market. Fruits were sold here, hence the name of the square.

Today, many antique shops and souvenir stores are concentrated here. There are several interesting attractions - the Venetian Chapel, as well as towers dating back to the early 15th century. They were built to protect the city from raids. The northern part of the square is adorned by the Baroque-style Milesi Castle. In addition, there is a statue of Marko Marulić on the square - a Croatian poet who lived at the end of the 15th century.

Ruins of Salona

Near the city are the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Salona. It was founded by the Illyrians in the 1st millennium BC. There is a suggestion that the future Emperor Diocletian was born here. It was during his reign that the city was at its peak - about 60,000 people lived in it. Then Salona was destroyed by Slavic and Avar tribes.

Currently, little remains of the former grandeur of the settlement, but this is quite enough to interest curious travelers. Among the preserved ruins of Salona, the largest is the amphitheater - it once accommodated 20,000 spectators.

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Cruise Port

The cruise port of Split is located at the foot of the Old Town, where a significant part of the resort's attractions are located. It has a venerable age - about 1700 years.

Large and small vessels depart from its piers for long journeys and nearby islands. Therefore, tourists can take an exciting sea excursion from here to the picturesque surroundings.

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