TOP-8 beach resorts in Georgia

Georgia is one of the few lucky countries that is fortunate to have both sea and mountains on its territory. And although most travelers choose Georgia precisely for its luxurious rocky peaks, the sea here is no less beautiful. Let's see what Georgian beach resorts have in store for us.
14 june 2024
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Of course, we should start our selection with the main beach resort - Batumi. Here you'll find a wide choice of accommodation, shops, and restaurants where you can enjoy national dishes and taste excellent Georgian wine.

Tourists visit local temples, musical fountains, Neptune Square, the botanical garden, and a nice promenade. There's also a dolphinarium and many attractions. So there are entertainment options for every taste and budgetWe recommend you go to Batumi to enjoy beach holidays at the height of summer. After all, even on the warmest days, Georgia is not such a hot country. However,

However, this always plays into the hands of those who, in addition to sea bathing, love to stroll through the cozy streets of the city and examine the sights.

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Kobuleti is a small but well-known resort town in Adjara. It is located on the Black Sea coast, very close to Batumi. Compared to the capital of Adjara, Kobuleti is a quiet and peaceful settlement.

Today, the 10-kilometer strip of pebble and sand beaches in Kobuleti is increasingly witnessing full houses - the flow of tourists here is growing year by year. One of the main attractions of Kobuleti is its 10-kilometer beach, covered with small and large pebbles. The beach offers rental of everything necessary for relaxation: umbrellas, sun loungers, catamarans, and jet skis.

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Ureki is a unique Georgian balneological resort on the Black Sea coast, famous for its beaches with black magnetic sand that has no analogues in the world. The beach in Ureki is about 5 km long and along it are entertainment areas, first-line hotels and sanatoriums, cafes, and beach bungalows. Almost along the entire coast there is a forest belt consisting of pines and eucalyptus trees, making the air soft and not very humid.

The sea in Ureki is not very deep, which is especially conducive to families with children. The sandbar extends far into the sea, and you can be waist-deep in water 200-300 meters from the shore. So practically the entire resort is geared towards children's recreation: attractions, children's cafes, concert venues, and much more.

Moreover, the black sands that the beaches of Ureki are rich in have a high content of magnetite, which has health-promoting properties.

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Gonio and Kvariati

If you love the combination of sea and mountain landscapes, you'll enjoy vacationing in the villages of Gonio and Kvariati. These two settlements are usually considered together as they are located close to each other and share a common beach.

The mountains here extend almost to the sea, so you won't leave without beautiful photographs. While here, you should definitely visit the Waterfall of St. Andrew the First-Called and the Gonio Fortress. Young people might find this resort a bit boring, but for families with children or older people, this piece of Georgia is simply a paradise.

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Today, less than a thousand native residents live in Sarpi. Despite the modest size of the village, the fame of its clean sea on its coast is known far beyond Adjara. The local beaches are unique in that they are located before the Chorokhi River, unlike Batumi. It is this river's flow that makes the sea more turbid and dirty.

In addition to crystal clear water, Sarpi attracts tourists with picturesque views from both the Georgian and Turkish sides. Therefore, a separate entertainment for tourists is quite often a walking tour on the Turkish side of the town. Why not compare two parts of a whole? For example, personally check if the Orthodox church and the mosque are located at the same distance from the border.

Sarpi is also an excellent base for exploring the attractions of Adjara. From the village, you can reach the famous Batumi promenade or botanical garden, the resorts of Gonio and Kvariati, as well as the beautiful Machakhela gorge in less than an hour.

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The resort town of Chakvi is a summer beach center on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. It's a small village where the scent of eucalyptus is everywhere. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful. And the eucalyptus groves have a beneficial effect on the body.

A vacation at this resort is suitable for those who have come for a short time. The pricing policy is accessible to many vacationers.

The resort area of this beautiful town is full of various tourist centers. They promote active recreation and engagement in various sports.

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Not many tourists know about the beaches of Shekvetili, so this resort is not in tremendous demand. But those who come here can successfully combine rest and treatment. The magnetite, which the local beaches are rich in, improves blood circulation and boosts immunity. A pine forest is located 30 meters from the beach.

The sea is clean and comfortable for swimming. The entry into the water is gentle, and the shallow depth allows swimming even during waves.

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