10 awesome offline apps for traveling abroad

21 june 2016

When tourists have access to the Internet, it seems like a smartphone is one of the most irreplaceable thing in a bag they can ever imagine. But what if the wanderlust has guided you to the place that Internet providers have no clue about? TRIPMYDREAM has prepared a list of the best apps for traveling abroad that gonna turn your smartphone into a useful adviser, cause you will be able to use it even without Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Map

To start using apps that don’t need internet connection, without any doubts, you will probably want to make sure that there is no Wi-Fi spot around. This special interactive Internet coverage map was developed for all instagramers and facebookers. It is based on the comments of experienced travellers that add new internet spots all the time. Here you can find not only the coordinates of the nearest internet spots but also passwords for those ones that don’t have a public access.

Packing List

It’s nice to have such a smart app when you just start preparing for a trip. At least once in life each of us had this annoying feeling that something was forgotten at home. The developers of this app decided to help us and to solve this problem. You can create your own list, have a look on the list of must-have stuff or choose activities that will help you to make a full list.

Tourist Eye

This cool helper can aid you with planning your whole trip. With Tourist Eye you can check out directions, travel time, book tickets and even find photos of the particular place. The app’s map is impressively large. It includes more than 1000 different destinations.


This app can become your personal guide in any country. Redigo will easily provide you with all the info you need about all the places you are going to visit. Looking for currency exchange rates, languages, maps, time zones or some details about visa? This app has it all!


You can forget about the times, when you had to spend hours reading and looking for specific info in a guidebook. Progressive offline apps have replaced old-school print booklets. Triposo is one of them. It includes descriptions of the most popular sights and destinations, the closest hotels and restaurants as well as night clubs.


This app is perfect for those who like to travel by plane but always get lost in airports like it’s a labyrinth of the Minotaur. Now, there is a reliable mediator between you and the airports’ couloirs. The app shows useful information about the world's largest airports, including the registration time, airports’ maps etc.

Rail Planner

If you think that the European railway is more awesome than those flying machines, we advise you to download the Rail Planner app immediately. With its help you will always have the exact trains’ timetables of European Eurail and InterRail systems in your pocket. Also, you can easily find the right way on any station, even if you have no idea where you are.

City Maps 2GO

And of course every self-respecting tourist must have the best travel map apps. One of the most usable is City Maps 2GO. When there is no internet, this brainy app uses GPS navigation. Additionally, besides the usual geographic options, it provides access to spots’ reviews.

XE Currency

If you go shopping somewhere abroad, remember that there are things that are even more unstable than the weather. One of them are exchange rates. Fortunately, this popular currency converter app makes your life much easier.

Google translator

Even when we are unsatisfied with quality of beloved Google translate and make a thousand jokes about its technical abilities, nevertheless, it is one of the best apps when traveling. There is convenient simultaneous speech mode that works without access to the Internet.