Egypt: TOP-8 beach resorts in the country

Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh have already taken root in the ranking of the most popular tourism destinations for Ukrainians. However, the ancient country of Egypt is much more multifaceted and unique than we are used to imagining. We have collected for you the 10 best resorts in Egypt so that you can expand your choice and learn a lot about Egypt.
02 july 2024
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Dahab translates from Arabic as "Golden", and for good reason, as the sprawling beaches of the resort are covered with golden sand to the horizon. In Dahab, the sea is shallow, and there are no corals near the shore, which is especially appreciated by tourists with children.

The area is also a true paradise for windsurfing and diving enthusiasts, as well as those tourists who are ready to go on a safari deep into the Sinai Peninsula in search of adventure. Dahab's resort area stretches for several kilometers along the sea. There are a large number of shops and Bedouin stalls, cafes and restaurants.

Attractions of Dahab:

  • Old Town of Dahab City
  • Dahab Promenade
  • The Fountain of Youth Bay
  • Saint Catherine's Monastery
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Hurghada is visited by more than 50 million tourists annually, making it one of the most popular resorts in Egypt. The favorable climate ensures comfortable beach holidays in Hurghada at any time of the year. Even in winter, the Red Sea is warmed up to +21°C.

The tourist infrastructure is well developed here. Most modern hotel complexes have their own beaches with entertainment for vacationers. Hurghada is a more democratic and less expensive resort than Sharm el-Sheikh, but no less interesting.

Just half a century ago, Hurghada was a small village where only locals lived, and now holidays in Egypt in this direction are one of the most popular in the world.

Attractions of Hurghada:

  • 1001 Nights Palace
  • Titanic Aqua Park
  • Mini Egypt Park
  • Hurghada Grand Aquarium
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Sahl Hasheesh

The popular resort of Sahl Hasheesh or Green Valley stretches along the Red Sea coast 18-20 km south of Hurghada. The place is great for those who value service, comfort, and respectability. It's a relatively new resort, unlike Hurghada, and the development here is not chaotic, but well-planned by architects and very stylish.

The resort's architecture is in keeping with the traditions of the Arab East, with its inherent elements of luxury and rich decor. The resort has facilities for diving, and you can find very beautiful corals with an untouched underwater world. The resort guarantees a high degree of safety for vacationers: the territory is closed and carefully guarded. There are 600 m of white beach, beautiful hotel complexes, and everything to ensure a leisurely, pleasant holiday for tourists.

Attractions of Sahl Hasheesh:

  • Sahl Hasheesh Belvedere
  • Pontoon Bridge
  • Little Venice of Sahl Hasheesh
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Sharm El-Sheikh

Exotic Sharm is a resort where everyone can organize a comfortable vacation for themselves. Beach relaxation is the most popular here, as almost all hotels have their own pieces of shore. You can swim in the Red Sea all year round, plus many complexes have heated pools in winter.

For those who love entertainment-filled vacations with bright emotions, there are animation activities and discos on hotel grounds. In addition, you can visit large shopping and entertainment complexes that are not found at other resorts.

Attractions of Sharm El-Sheikh:

  • Ras Mohammed National Park
  • Sharks Bay
  • Tiran Island
  • Soho Square
  • Old Market
  • Nabq National Park

You can book a hotel with a discount of up to 65% on the website.

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Makadi Bay

The combination of sandy beaches and coral reefs attracts nature beauty enthusiasts to the Makadi Bay resort. People rush here for comfortable family vacations, as well as for exciting diving and surfing.

Makadi is a resort for tourists. There are good new hotels here, but there's nothing beyond their territory - just desert and mountains. Local residents don't live here. Nevertheless, this also has its own charm - the opportunity to live in a settlement built exclusively for tourists.

Attractions of Makadi Bay:

  • Dolphin World Dolphinarium
  • Makadi Water World Aquapark
  • Madinat Makadi Golf Resort

    You can book a hotel in Egypt with a discount of up to 65% on the website.
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Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam — which translates to "Fish Village" — very aptly describes this resort town. It's quiet, remote from popular resorts, but with stunning coral reefs. Marsa Alam is sparsely populated and doesn't feel like an anthill during peak tourist season. People come here for seclusion, leisureliness, and hotel relaxation.

Moreover, it's here that the largest diving center on the Red Sea is located, attracting those who love to explore the seabed and its inhabitants.

Attractions of Marsa Alam:

  • Samadai Dolphin House
  • Elphinstone Reef
  • Hamata Island
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The resort of Safaga is located south of Hurghada, sixty kilometers from the most popular resort. The recreation area here is famous for its magnificent coral reefs. The area is ideal for lovers of scuba diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing. In addition, the resort has gained international recognition for its environmentally clean sands. It is recommended for people suffering from skin diseases and ailments of the musculoskeletal system.

Safaga attracts tourists with endless beaches with bamboo umbrellas, the indescribable beauty of the Red Sea, snow-white minarets, and magnificent hotels.

Attractions of Safaga:

  • Sandy Island
  • Sharm El Naga Coral Bay
  • Massive Panorama Reef
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El Gouna

The young resort of El Gouna is significantly different from other settlements chosen by tourists for their vacation in Egypt. After all, it was designed by the creator of the American Disneyland. Perhaps the architect, fascinated by fairy tales, decided to surprise everyone here as well. And he succeeded. The result is a very original village.

It has been dubbed the "Egyptian Venice" for its unique layout - it consists of several islands separated by canals and connected by bridges.

All hotels and villas in El Gouna are built in the same architectural style, creating harmony in the surrounding landscape. A unified development plan was approved back in the early 90s of the last century, and the construction of each new building meets the adopted standards.

Here, your vacation will be in harmony with nature, as El Gouna is recognized as the most environmentally friendly resort in the country, with diligent efforts to protect the environment.

Attractions of El Gouna:

  • Kafr Town Center
  • Zeytuna Island
  • Bakheeta Art Center
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