Cuisine of Bodrum

Let's talk about the most delicious local dishes that you should try in Bodrum.

Turkish cuisine is an amazing mix of Arabic, Balkan and Mediterranean culinary customs. Aromatic oriental spices and unusual ingredients in the recipes will impress any gourmet. During your vacation in Bodrum, you will have the opportunity to try the most interesting and colorful Turkish dishes.

What are the first courses to order in Bodrum

In Turkey, any soup is called "çorba." They are prepared with a variety of fillings and flavored with aromatic herbs and spices.

ChorbasyÇorbalar (Soups)

Turks are very fond of a variety of soups. In Bodrum, you can taste the most popular types of them:

  • Ishkembe - lamb offal soup with vinegar and garlic;

  • Tarkhana - a soup made from a mixture of dried tomatoes, peppers, onions, flour and yeast. In each region of Turkey, its recipe is different, but the main ingredients are the same;

  • Merjimek - soup with red lentils;

  • Shekhrieli eshil merjimek - soup with noodles and green lentils.

Turkish soup - tarkhana

Meat dishes to try in Bodrum

When visiting Bodrum, it's a must to indulge in the popular Turkish meat dishes. Many snacks and barbecues are sold right on the streets and in small cafes. We will talk about the most popular of them.


Fast food in Turkish style. Kokorech is made from lungs, heart and kidneys fried on the grill. Next, guts are finely chopped, mixed with hot spices and dragged with intestines. The dish is served with vegetables or on a piece of bread. This is a great beer snack.


Kebab refers to grilled meat or minced meat. In Bodrum, you can taste a variety of kebabs, not only in restaurants but also in regular street cafes.

The most popular types of kebabs:

  • Iskander-kebab - lamb is cut into thin slices and stewed with tomato sauce, yogurt and melted butter. The dish is served with slices of flatbread and spices;

  • Adana kebab - very spicy minced meat fried on a spit. It is offered with baked vegetables and sauce;

  • Shish Kebab is a popular dish of lamb with roasted bell peppers and tomatoes, also known as Turkish kebab;

  • Döner kebab - the meat is fried on a spit, cut into small pieces and placed in a cut flatbread with vegetables, cheese and sauce.


So in Bodrum they call minced meat cutlets with spices. In each region of Turkey, the recipe for kofte is different; it can be grilled, baked, and even boiled. And "Çiğ köfte" - a vegetarian version of this dish, is a spicy bean cakes with cheese and salad, sprinkled with lemon juice.

Turkish kebab

Popular seafood dishes in Bodrum

Seafood dishes are definitely very popular in the "Land of the Four Seas". In Bodrum, on the Aegean coast, you should definitely try the most popular fish delicacies.


"Balik" in Turkish means "fish", regardless of its type. And balyk-ekmek is a fish, freshly caught and cooked on the grill. It will be served to you in a tortilla or with lemon juice. To try this delicious dish, go to the fishermen or restaurants on the waterfront.


In every restaurant, and even on the streets of Bodrum, you can taste fresh mussels. The shells are opened in front of you and lemon juice is poured over the clams. This dish is very hearty and tasty, about a dozen mussels are enough for you to have lunch.


What desserts can you buy in Bodrum?

Turkish sweets are known all over the world. They are distinguished by an unusual combination of flavours and a variety of recipes.


This eastern delicacy is made from thin layers of pastry soaked in honey syrup. It is often filled with pistachios or various types of nuts.


Turkish variation of ice cream. It is made from milk, sugar, mastic and salepa, so the consistency of the delicacy is thicker and more viscous. In Bodrum, it is sold in gelateria.


Ring-shaped bread covered generously in sesame seeds – one of the iconic symbols of Turkey. You can purchase simit from any bakery or store. In Bodrum, trays of simit can be found at every corner.

Be sure to try simit with various fillings, it is very tasty to combine it with cheese, ham, butter or jam.

Turkish bagel - simit

What to try from drinks in Bodrum

In Turkey, not only the food but also the beverages are unique and colorful, adding to your delightful experiences along the Turkish coast.


This hot milk drink is very popular in winter. The main ingredient of salep is a powder from the roots of a wild orchid. Spices such as cinnamon, cocoa, or chocolate flakes are often added to enhance its flavor.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is renowned worldwide for its distinctively rich taste with hints of spices. The most sought-after brand is Mehmet-Efendi. The coffee beans are mixed with cardamom, giving the drink an unforgettable aroma.


In Bodrum, as well as throughout Turkey, tea is a standalone beverage and a kind of ritual. It is typically consumed separately from desserts and often concludes a meal. Tea is brewed in a tall teapot and poured into tulip-shaped glasses. Among the many unique varieties, we recommend trying apple tea and pomegranate tea.

During your vacation in Bodrum, don't hesitate to experiment and try something new every day. This way, your memories of the trip will not only be filled with the marvellous nature of the Aegean Sea coast but also with unforgettable tastes of Turkish cuisine.

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