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Virtual tour of Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa is a magical place. And all thanks to the unique nature of the island of Corfu. The triangular cape of Paleokastritsa is densely forested and surrounded on three sides by the sea. At the very tip of the cape, among the rocks and forest, a small town is nestled. All in all, about five thousand people live here. But tourists can meet incomparably more. However, such crowds, as in more famous parts of Greece, in Paleokastritsa still does not happen.

Travelers in Paleokastritsa attracted by the amazing nature, almost untouched by man. The water in the local bays is the clearest, shimmering with all shades of turquoise. The sand on the beaches is silver, and some beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union. Lovers of seclusion will find quiet corners in rocky coves. For divers in Paleokastritsa there are also many opportunities. After all, underwater cliffs make the relief of the coast extremely fascinating to explore.

Antiquity lovers will find in Paleokastritsa the ruins of a medieval fortress and an active monastery of the XVII century, built on the site of a building of the XIII century, covered with many legends.

Tips for tourists

In Paleokastritsa, as in the rest of Greece, you should not sunbathe during the midday hours, it is better in the morning or evening.
Among the souvenirs in Paleokastritsa you can buy traditional wine, cheese and other colorful goods.
Don't forget the sunscreen, you'll probably need it for sure.
4 395
Time zone
UTC+2, in summer UTC+3

Tours to Paleocastrians

Buying a hot trip to Paleokastritsa will make every traveler feel like an incredibly happy person on the planet. It is no coincidence that this place has won the fame of the most charming on the island of Corfu.

A vacation in Paleokastritsa is a dream because of the picturesque nature. On one side of the cape is surrounded by dense vegetation, and on the other side it is washed by gentle coastal waters.

The island resort is considered the best not only because of the amazing natural landscapes. Hot tours here are purchased by professional divers from all over the world. In the coastal bays, the water is slightly colder compared to nearby places. But the underwater world is amazing in its diversity.

Compared to similar European resorts, a cheap trip here is not so difficult to find. Including flights, accommodation and meals for two people, the price starts from EUR 1600.

Naturally, this does not include the additional benefits of a comfortable trip, such as shopping, entertainment and excursions, but even these are relatively inexpensive.

Paleokastritsa is an incredibly picturesque region. You can learn about it by going on a sightseeing tour. Some people will prefer to explore the resort from the sea by boat, others will enjoy walking along the flowery streets. Still others will be able to walk around all the historical sites in the Greek town and appreciate its architecture.

Interesting places in Paleocastrians

Like most Greek resorts, Paleokastritsa has a rich history. This is evidenced by the many attractions here. Excursions in Paleokastritsa take you back in time to the resort town's past, with pirate raids and medieval conquests. The hiking routes in Paleokastritsa are mainly through the surrounding forests, which are shady and picturesque. The local nature is especially favorable for vacations with children in Paleokastritsa. Restaurants in Paleokastritsa deserve special attention, because they offer travelers a wonderful Greek cuisine.


Travel budget

Flight ticket prices

There is no airport in Paleokastritsa. To reach this resort, and indeed the entire island of Corfu, you will need to travel through Corfu Airport. Tickets to Paleokastritsa should be purchased to this airport. Round-trip flights from European cities to Paleokastritsa will cost you from 150 EUR. You'll be flying with airlines like Aegean, Ryanair, and Wizzair, with one stopover.

The best hotels in Paleocastrians

There are no large hotels in Paleokastritsa. For the most part you will find villas, apartments or small hotels. The most popular hotels in Paleokastritsa are three star hotels. The cost of accommodation in such a hotel as Odysseus Hotel starts from 80 EUR per day for a room for two people. For 100-120 EUR per day you can rent a house in Paleokastritsa. On average, the prices for a room for two people in hotels and apartments are 25-50 EUR. However, the conditions here are excellent even in inexpensive rooms.

The cost of vacation

The cost of a trip to Paleokastritsa should be calculated taking into account visa, airfare to Corfu, accommodation in one of the hotels or apartments on site, as well as meals in the restaurants of Paleokastritsa. Do not forget about excursions, they are very exciting in Paleokastritsa, and you should not deny yourself the pleasure. The same can be said about yachting, boating and exploring the underwater world of Paleokastritsa. Don't forget about transportation costs during the trip, which should also be taken into account when budgeting your trip.

The budget for a trip to Paleocastrians
Visa Flight from 150 EUR
Accommodation from 25 EUR per day Average check in a restaurant from 7 EUR
Transportation fare from 3 EUR Excursion from 10 EUR
Total: about 770 EUR for two people for a week, taking into account two meals a day and visiting at least one attraction per day.

Paleokastritsa: tips for tourists

We have prepared information for you about Paleokastritsa that will help you make your trip more convenient and exciting.

Visa to Paleocastrians

No visa needed for European citizens

Airport in Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa does not have its own airport. The closest airport to the resort is the airport of the island's capital, Kerkyra. It is called Ioanis Kapodistrias and serves the whole of northwestern Greece. From Kerkyra to the airport is about three kilometers.

Transfer to Paleokastritsa from the airport

To get to Paleokastritsa from Kerkyra Airport, you can get to Kerkyra itself. From the city center you can go to Paleokastritsa by GreenBus. The ticket will cost you 2.5 EUR. A cab from the airport will cost 30 EUR.

Car rental in Paleokastritsa

There are car rental shops in Paleokastritsa itself and right at the airport in Kerkyra. The price starts from 30 EUR. The driver must be at least 21 years old and have an international driver's license.

Transportation in Paleokastritsa

There is no public transportation in Paleokastritsa. However, GreenBus buses connect the resort with all other points in Corfu. The bus fare starts from 3-5 EUR and depends on the distance. It is cheaper to buy tickets at the ticket booths rather than from the driver.

Security in Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa is one of the safest places in Greece. The secluded resort, set on a rocky coastline, virtually eliminates the possibility of attack or robbery.

Paleokastritsa is one of the safest places in Greece.

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