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Guide to Greece

Basic Information

If you have dreamed of sunny beaches and emerald sea waves, then a vacation in Greece is exactly what you need. Relaxed and meditative vacation, amazingly beautiful nature, delicious cuisine. It is not for nothing that many writers of the past years compared Greece to paradise on earth. But the sea and rocks are not all that can be found in this marvelous country. Ancient temples and statues, amazing works of art, preserved from the times of antiquity and Christian shrines - all this Greece opens to its guests.

Time zone
10 788 000
131,957 km²

Dishes worth trying:

Moussaki — incredible mixture of minced meat with vegetables, cheese, sour cream cooked with white wine

Feta cheese — this delicious sheep cheese is on the menu of every Greek restaurant.

Tzatziki — thick yogurt with cucumbers and garlic.

Paidakya — lamb ribs roasted by a diligent chef, sure to please your palate.

Loukoumades — these doughnuts are surprisingly sweet, but they're great for dessert.

Things to do in Greece

To get a sense of what modern Greece is living, the following is a must-do when traveling:

  • Visit the Acropolis in Athens.
  • Shopping for souvenirs in Corfu.
  • Buy olive oil in Crete.
  • See the castles and defensive fortresses of the island of Kos.
  • Experience the nightlife of Mykonos island.
  • Hit the nightclubs of Faliraki.
  • Admire butterflies at the "Butterfly Valley" in Rhodes.


In October it is better to vacation on the islands of Crete and Rhodes. There is less chance that your vacation will be spoiled by cold weather and rain.
Want an inexpensive meal of roasted meat? Look for taverns-psistaria.
In summer, from 14:00 to 17:00 is siesta time in Greece. Stores are not open and it is not customary to make phone calls.


To tell you about the main sights of Greece will take a lot of time and even more text. After all, Greece is a real box with a secret, opening which, little by little, you learn the depth and antiquity of its beauty. We will try to tell you about the heritage of antiquity and other amazing sights of Greece.

Tours to Greece

Despite the economic crises and accompanying strikes, tours to Greece continue to sell out at a desperate rate. Exalted travelers come here on vacation to touch the remains of the cradle of European civilization: to step their foot on the Acropolis of Athens, to be photographed at the Temple of Zeus Olympic, to pick up a pebble at the walls of the Rhodes fortress.
More pragmatic voyagers are looking for cheap fur tours here. Greece is famous for the production of fur coats and fur products, here they are relatively inexpensive. Therefore, a separate category of tourists has formed, who take vouchers not just for shopping tours, but with the purpose of buying fur more profitable.
Another purpose, under which tour operators form their trips - beaches on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The cost of such offers is different, the price depends on the level of the resort, the popularity of the city, the season and other indicators. The best offers are available, of course, in the warm season.
For example, in summer two tourists can fly to Crete for 11 days for 390 EUR. For the same money Rhodes will take you for two weeks. Of course, hot deals will cost a little less. You can find suitable options on the tripmydream website. Here you can find hot options from various tour operators.

Where to go Greece

To figure out where you want to go in Greece, you need to decide exactly what you want to dedicate your trip to. Of course, the first thought will be about the seaside resorts of Greece. But this amazing country is famous for more than just the sea. In winter you can go to ski resorts in Greece and at any time of the year go to a spa resort. And here you can also immerse yourself in the history of Greece from antiquity to the present day. In any case, tripmydream will help you decide where to go on vacation in Greece and find out the cost of airfare.

When to go Greece

It would seem that the sea and the sun is the domain of summer vacation. But in fact, a vacation in Greece will be excellent at any time of the year. In the warm season you will have at your disposal the sea and beaches in all imaginable variations. And in winter you can go to the mountains to conquer the ski slopes there. Well, excursions to historical and simply beautiful places are available in Greece at any time of the year. And tripmydream will be happy to help you choose when to go to Greece.

Greece in spring

Spring in Greece is a celebration of nature and a riot of colors, awakening the country from its rainy winter dreams. Cool March quickly turns into sunny April, when flowers and greenery paint the islands with colorful colors. And at the end of May it is already safe to swim.

Greece in summer

Summer in Greece is hot and the best time to visit is early June. Spring splendor has not yet had time to fully bloom. It is warm and the sea beckons with azure waters. But in July and August in Greece is already too hot. And not only on land, but also in the water.

Greece in the fall

Autumn in Greece is warm, the summer heat subsides, leaving warmth and the opportunity to swim at your pleasure. A gentle September is the perfect end to the beach season. But in October, the rains begin to fall, so that by November the country is finally taken over.

Greece in winter

Winter in Greece is warm and snowless, with solid plus temperatures and strong winds. But in the mountains you will find snow and light frost - everything you need for a great winter vacation. On the coast, the winter in Greece will give you the amazing beauty of almost deserted seascapes.


To make your trip to Greece easier and more fun, tripmydream has compiled the intricacies of local vacations.

Visa to Greece

No visa needed for European citizens

Customs & Tax Free

Find out what you can and cannot import and export to Greece. Also, how to save on VAT.

Travel by car

Rent a car and all of Greece will be at your fingertips. Complete freedom of movement will make your vacation unforgettable.

Phrasebook for tourists

Traveling will be easier if you know at least a few phrases from the language spoken in the country. tripmydream has prepared for you a small dictionary of Greek expressions.

Public transport and prices

Public transportation in Greece includes buses, ferries, subways and trains. Our service will help you to understand this intricacy and successfully navigate your route.


Do you want to visit one of the sparkling Greek holidays? Check out tripmydream's calendar of Greek events to find the right time for your tour.

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