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Corralejo is the largest resort on the island of Fuerteventura. It is popular mainly among the English-speaking tourists. Beaches within the city are crowded, those who like solitude go to the territory of the natural park, covered with snow-white sand. Construction on the protected area is prohibited, there are only two hotels erected earlier (Riu Oliva Beach Resort and Riu Palace Tres Islas). Corralejo and the island as a whole is considered a paradise for nudists, tfr rfr here officially allowed to swim and sunbathe without clothes.

Most of the bars, clubs and stores are concentrated on Avenida Generalisimo Franco. In the northern part of the town is the harbor, from where you can go sailing to the islands of Lobos and Lancerote, deep sea fishing or on a cruise around the Canary Islands. Lancerote is home to some 300 volcanoes and its exotic landscapes have repeatedly attracted filmmakers who have shot deserted planets here.

Nearby is the volcano Bayuyo 269 meters high, to the top of which you can climb in an hour and a half. The views from the top are magnificent and you can look at and photograph picturesque parts of Fuerteventura and even neighboring islands.

Tips for tourists

If you are going on vacation here, stock up on sunscreen with a high degree of protection. The sun in Fuerteventura is active even in the winter months.
Don't be alarmed if you see a chipmunk on the beach. These cartoon-like animals live here in large numbers and steal food from tourists.
One of the most interesting tours in Fuerteventura is a walk to the island of Lanzerote. There are about 300 volcanoes here, and there is a restaurant on top of one of them.
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Tours to Corralejo

Do you want to visit a place where modern comforts are harmoniously combined with picturesque nature and colorful traditions? Then you should plan your hot tour to Corralejo. This resort is considered the largest in Fuerteventura. In addition to the developed infrastructure, the best impressions will leave a beautiful sandy beach, 11 kilometers long.

By European standards, the cost of rest in Corralejo is considered more democratic. The most expensive cost is the flight and accommodation. As for food, entertainment and excursions, they will cost less compared to other Spanish resorts.

Even staying in a Spanish resort in high season, the daily budget of the tour will not exceed 50 EUR. Advocates of inexpensive tours prefer to go to Corralejo in October. At this time you can not only count on a discount in the hotel, but also catch windless weather.

As a rule, the Spanish resort is preferred by fans of hot trips with children. The coastal area is known for its soft sand and shallow waters, in which kids will be very comfortable and safe.

Having splurged on a trip to Corralejo, you should not stop only to explore this town. Excursions to other islands are extremely popular with tourists.

To satisfy your gastronomic cravings, you should try the incredibly tasty cuisine of the Canary Islands. It is represented not only by seafood and fish, but also various meat dishes and delicious goat cheese. Local wine, the price of which is relatively small, goes well with them.

Interesting places in Corralejo

The resort of Corralejo doesn't boast doesn't boast a lot of attractions, but travel agents offer excursions to other parts of the island and even to neighboring islands. Travel itineraries in Fuerteventura can easily be found on the internet, for example, on the travel forums. Fans of shopping should visit the capital of the island, where the Rotonda shopping center with a lot of boutiques is located. boutiques. Bars and clubs are concentrated on Avenida Generalisimo Franco.


Travel budget

Flight ticket prices

The airport of the island of Fuerteventura is located near the town of Puerto del Rosario. From Paris you can fly with Air France and Air Berlin (with connections in Zurich), Austrian Airlines + Lufthansa + Condor (with connections in Vienna and Frankfurt) and other companies. Flights from Berlin are operated by British Airways, Aeroflot, Iberia, S7 and other carriers. Round-trip tickets cost from 440 EUR. You can also fly to Barcelona and then catch a Ryanair flight to Fuerteventura, with tickets starting at 35 EUR.

The best hotels in Corralejo

Rent an apartment with a kitchen for 30-50 EUR. If you buy food at the market and cook on your own, you can save money on food. Those who don't want to spend time cooking choose hotels with full board. The most expensive hotels are near the sea, cheaper options - in remote areas of the city. In the protected area, in the dunes of the National Park, there are hotels Riu Oliva Beach Resort and Riu Palace Tres Islas, which are recognized as the best in Corralejo.

The cost of vacation

Compared to other European resorts, prices in Corralejo can be called quite democratic. The Budget for a week's beach vacation for two people averages about 1400 EUR, with about 350 EUR for excursions. To save money on accommodation and meals in Corralejo, rent apartments with a kitchen where you can cook on your own. If this option doesn't work for you, we recommend researching the forums in advance and compiling a list of restaurants and cafes in Corralejo where the food is tasty and inexpensive.

The budget for a trip to Corralejo
Visa Flight from 880 EUR
Accommodation from 30 EUR per day Average check in a restaurant from 20 EUR
Transport fare from 3.2 EUR Excursion from 50 EUR
Total: about 1790 EUR for a week for two people

Corralejo: tips for tourists

Before heading to Corralejo, it's a good idea to learn as much as you can about the resort. With tripmydream's selection of useful information, you're 100% ready to go!

Visa to Corralejo

No visa needed for European citizens

Transfer to Corralejo from the airport

A cab ride from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo takes about 40 minutes and costs 50 EUR. To save money, you can get to Puerto del Rosario, where you can catch bus 6 to Corralejo (you'll spend up to 5 EUR on tickets).

Corralejo public transportation

Corralejo bus station is located on Avenida Juan Carlos I and offers connections to the capital, Puerto del Rosario, as well as other cities in Fuerteventura. The ticket price is from 3.20 EUR, depending on the route. Cab services are also available in the resort.

Car rental in Corralejo

You can rent a car at Fuerteventura airport or in Corralejo without any problem, no prior reservation is required. The average rental price is 50-90 EUR for 5 days, but for short term rentals the price is higher at around 25 EUR per day.

Security in Corralejo

The resort is relatively quiet, with only occasional petty thefts. You can walk freely in any part of Corralejo around the clock, but large sums of money, expensive jewelry and equipment, and original documents are safest kept in the hotel safe.

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