Corralejo weather

When is the best time to go to Corralejo? We can tell you the weather conditions in the city and the forecast for the right dates.

The weather in Corralejo, for example, in January can sometimes be capricious - wind gusts increase, clouds break through, which in the mountainous part of the island bring thunderstorm rains. However, even with relatively bad weather in Corralejo is quite comfortable, daredevils and couples in love swim in the ocean, and less brave tourists ride around the island by bus and car, exploring the amazing depth of cultural heritage of Fuerteventura.

The weather forecast for Corralejo can be analyzed by looking at the average temperatures and the number of hours of sunshine in a given month.


When is it cheaper to go to Corralejo?

Fuerteventura owes its name to the wind that blows around the island from all sides: in Spanish, "el viento" means wind and "fuerte" means strong. Whether it is worth going to Corralejo in the winter months depends on the preferences of the traveler, his plans for rest and entertainment program. For example, many tourists visit the resort in October, as this is when the winds are at a minimum and the weather and warm ocean are guaranteed.

In addition, during the off-season hotels offer promotions and certain discounts for guests in case of early booking of rooms. For example, a hotel in October may give a 20% discount or charge for 13 days instead of 14.

In February, the temperature in Corralejo is +17-20°C. The water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean is also quite cool, but it is possible to swim. During the winter months it is windy and rainy. It is necessary to take into account these moments when planning a vacation. Fans to lie on the beach is recommended to visit the island from April to October. This is when the words "I'm going to Corralejo" take on a bright, sunny meaning.

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