Top 10 of the best beaches in Europe

21 june 2016

It’s the middle of summer and you still haven’t got the time to get a tan? We can recommend great places for a beach holiday! The world-renowned online travel guide Lonely Planet chose the ten best beaches in Europe in 2015 and we decided to find out what's so special about them.

1. Jaz Beach, Montenegro
 Jaz Beach, Montenegro

It is one of the few sand beaches in Montenegro. However, sand is not everywhere, it turns into a pebbles beach close to the city of Budva. Since it is necessary to take a bus to get here from Budva (2 euros for the bus or 5 euros for the taxi), there are few people on this beach.

The access to the water is smooth and the sea gets warm pretty fast. If you are looking for a perfect, relatively secluded place for families with children, Jaz beach is perfect for you.

You have to pay for sunbeds and umbrellas, which is, however, optional. There is a shower with fresh water, a few cafes and a toilet nearby. For those who like water sports there is also a possibility to rent water scooters and catamarans.

2. Peniche, Portugal
Peniche, Portugal

The town of Peniche is located on the west coast of Portugal. It is a nice choice for those who enjoy both relaxation on the beach and excursions because there are a lot of interesting attractions.

Still, Peniche is attractive mostly because of its long and sandy beach. People from all over Portugal come here to catch the perfect wave. It is quite windy here, which attracts surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers.

3. The beach of Rondinara, France
The beach of Rondinara, France

You can get to this lovely, quiet bay from Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio by car (parking costs 5 euros). It is a wonderful place with fine golden sand and blue sea, surrounded by blue-gray cliffs. The beach of Rondinara is part of the rankings of the most beautiful beaches in Europe for the last few years.

There are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent on one half of the beach while the other half consists of free space for all visitors. Here you can also have a trip on a yacht or take a ride on a catamaran.

4. Cala Goloritze Beach, Italy
Cala Goloritze Beach, Italy

This is not just a beach, but the real national monument of Italy. And that’s not a joke since it received this title in 1995. This small white shingle beach is surrounded by cliffs, so only the bravest one usually can get here.

The depth of the sea in proximity of the coast reaches 30 meters. That is why this place is a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

5. Vik, Iceland
Vik, Iceland

Unexpectedly, we have put Iceland on the list. The reason for that is its amazing black sand. For many times the best travel experts have named Vik one of the most unusual and beautiful places on the planet. And even if you can't swim in this cold and eternally restless sea, you will be totally amazed by its beauty.

6. Bantham Beach, UK
Bantham Beach, UK

Bantham Beach is located in the small village of Bantham in the UK. This wide sandy beach will attract those who are looking for solitude and thrill alike. There is a surfing academy at the beach and the best surfers in Britain catch waves at this place. However, you won't be able to swim quietly with children because of the constant winds and the stormy sea.

7. Sandwood Bay, Scotland
Sandwood Bay, Scotland

Vacation here, in the north-west of Scotland, also won't be calm and windless. But those who choose Sandwood will be lucky to relax on the pink sand and feel the breath of the sea on this secluded beach.

8. Macarelleta Cala, Spain
Macarelleta Cala, Spain

The picturesque Macarelleta Cala beach is located on Menorca and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. But keep in mind that it is also popular among a large number of nudists. No stress, you don’t have to be naked if you don’t want to.

9. Voutoumi Beach, Greece
Voutoumi Beach, Greece

Antipaxos is a tiny island in Greece and its main attraction is the long and wide Voutoumi Beach. It is definitely worth it to come to this island for that sandy paradise, which is surrounded by green cliffs. All the more, there are quiet and cosy restaurants, where you can try the very tasty local wine.

10. The Curonian Spit, Lithuania
The Curonian Spit, Lithuania

We have recently written about this beautiful place and we will continue to repeat again and again that the Baltics are wonderful. The Curonian Spit and its small resort town of Neringa are a real treasure with a thick forest and stretched long sandy beach. It is equipped with everything you need (cabins, showers and toilets), but the most awesome thing is that the Curonian Spit is so boundless that it seems only a few people can meet each other here.