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Guide to Florence

A virtual tour of Florence

In Florence, talented individuals have always been welcomed, and in gratitude, they have immortalized the city in their works. When you visit, it would be a missed opportunity not to explore at least one of the numerous galleries where you can admire the masterpieces of great Italian painters and sculptors. Another essential part of your visit to Florence is the famous Duomo, whose dome is visible from almost any point in the historic center. By climbing to the observation deck of the cathedral or Giotto's Bell Tower, you can capture Florence from a bird's-eye view.

For fans of Dan Brown's works, don't miss the unique opportunity to take a walk through the places depicted in the novel "Inferno"! These include the Boboli Gardens, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio, and the Baptistery. After the release of the novel, Russian-speaking guides in Florence even started offering interesting author-guided tours based on its themes.

Gourmets should definitely try the famous "bistecca alla fiorentina," which is a huge piece of select beef (ranging from 800 grams to 1.5 kilograms) cooked over charcoal. This dish is served in practically every restaurant in the city.

Tips for tourists

There are several information centers at your disposal where you can borrow maps, order a tour, or get answers to questions about your stay in the city.
With the Firenze Card you can visit many museums and attractions of the city without queuing and reservation. The price is 72 EUR, valid for 72 hours.
Try panforte (a traditional pie with dried fruits, nuts and berries) and lampredotto (a sandwich with rennet, vegetables, spices and hot peppers).
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Tours to Florence

The very name of the Italian city suggests that a vacation here will be incredibly romantic and picturesque. The abundance of landmarks becomes a compelling reason to book the best tour to Florence.

The final cost of the package depends on the mode of transportation you prefer, the sights you want to see, and the type of accommodation you choose. Florence is suitable for budget-friendly travel as well. The key is to plan your itinerary wisely.

The price of a one-week tour starts from 700 EUR, assuming air travel. If you decide to travel by bus, the trip will be more economical. Don't overlook last-minute deals! They can help reduce your travel budget by 20% to 50%.

Glowing tour packages will transform your visit to the Italian resort into a real fairy tale. During such an adventure, you will not only be amazed by the beauty of the local nature but also experience an extraordinary sense of delight while visiting Palazzo Pitti, Bargello, and the Uffizi Gallery.

Florence is a multifaceted city, attracting not only couples but also families, mature travelers, and young people. Each one of them will find activities to suit their interests.

Interesting places in Florence

Almost all the sights of Florence, one way or another, are connected with art. For those who want to learn more about the city, there are various walking and bus tours. You can also walk around Florence on your own, making a route in advance (or finding it on the Internet). Fashionistas will love shopping in Florence - here they sell, for example, the best fur products in all of Italy! And with the onset of darkness, numerous nightclubs of the city await you.


Travel budget

Flight ticket prices

Direct flights from various European cities to Rome are available for travelers. Flight options from different European cities include London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, and many more. For example, flights from London to Rome can be found with airlines such as British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair, and Alitalia. The prices for round trip tickets start from around 100 EUR, depending on the airline and the time of booking. Similarly, flights from other European cities to Rome can be found with different airlines, offering a range of prices and options.

The best hotels in Florence

There are many hotels in the city, some of them are located in old buildings. A room in a 3 * and 4 * hotel costs on average from 40 EUR, 5 * - from 110 EUR. In the best hotels in the center (for example, Portrait Firenze, The St. Regis Florence and others), the price reaches 650 EUR per day for a double suite. Renting an apartment will cost you from 55 EUR per day. There are also hostels and pensions in Florence where you can spend the night for about 10 EUR. For a comfortable stay, you can rent a villa, it costs from 300 EUR per day.

The cost of vacation

The city is good for tourists with any budget, here you can relax both inexpensively and luxuriously. Florence is a popular tourist destination, so it can be difficult to find affordable accommodation during the high season. If you're on a budget, check travel forums ahead of time for information on cheap cafes and hotels, and make a list of attractions to visit. Save on tickets to very expensive museums will help Firenze Card, which can be bought online or upon arrival.

The budget for a trip to Florence
Visa - Flight from 280 EUR
Accomodation from 10 EUR per day Average bill in a restaurant 30 EUR
Transport fare from 1.2 EUR Excursion from 15 EUR
Total: about 655 EUR for four days

Florence: tips for tourists

Planning to visit Italy for the first time? We'll tell you what you need to consider before you go. With tripmydream's recommendations, your vacation will be carefree!

Visa to Florence

For European citizens a visa is not required to travel to Italy if they possess a valid biometric passport.

The maximum duration of stay for tourists is 90 days within a 180-day period.

Florence Airport

Amerigo Vespucci International Airport is located in the Peretola district, not far from the city center. There is only one terminal here. Scheduled flights are operated by Baboo, Brussels Airlines and Cimber Air. The city can be reached in 20-30 minutes.

Transfer to Florence from the airport

The most convenient way is to take the BusItalia bus. They leave every half an hour from 5:30 to 20:30, later - once an hour (until 00:45). The journey will take about 30 minutes. A taxi to the center costs 20 EUR during the day and 23.3 EUR at night (from 22:00).

Florence public transportation

The most popular form of transport is the bus. There are day and night routes. If purchased in advance, the ticket costs 1.2 EUR (valid for 90 minutes). A ticket for four trips costs 4.7 EUR. You can also buy a ticket via SMS (1.5 EUR) and from the driver (2 EUR).

Car rental in Florence

At the airport and the city center there are offices of leading international companies (Hertz, Budget, AVIS and others) offering car rental. The rental price is from 15 EUR, including insurance in case of an accident or theft. The driver must have at least a year of experience.

Security in Florence

In the evening, there are enough patrols on the streets of the city, so you can walk without fear. In crowded places (for example, in museums and markets), do not let your bags out of sight and keep an eye on what is happening around - pickpockets can hunt here.

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