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Guide to Italy

Basic Information

Italy will encourage you to create, warm you with its mild climate and enrich everyone who visits it with invaluable experiences. This is where all European civilization was born, and we strongly believe that to these days Italy preserves the greatest cultural heritage of mankind. Despite its venerable age and historical baggage, Italy remains a frivolous, playful and energetic country where everyday life is like a carnival.

Time zone
59 830 000
301 338 km²

Dishes worth trying:

Lasagna — A classic Italian dish made with Parmesan, ham, mozzarella, ricotta, and beef.

Paste — The famous Italian pasta, served in different sauces and with different additives.

Ravioli — A small dumplings with a meat filling.

Pizza — Only in Italy can you taste real pizza, especially the famous Neapolitan and margarita.

Things to do in Italy

To fully experience Italy and understand what it lives and breathes, all you have to do is to get a taste of it:

  • Take any road in the world to the Eternal City of Rome.
  • Get to the mysterious Doge's Ball in Venice.
  • Walk across the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, one of the oldest and most famous bridges in the world.
  • Go shopping in Milan.


Cab in Italy is customary to call in advance by phone, to catch a car on the street will be quite problematic.
The siesta in Italy is a sacred practice, so don't be surprised that many establishments and businesses are closed during the period from 12:00 to 16:00.
In Italy, it is prohibited to be on city beaches during the night hours from 1:00 to 5:00, and there is a penalty of 150 EUR for violating this rule.


To list just the main attractions of Italy, it would probably take more than a few days, as this country holds an abundance of historical, architectural, and cultural treasures. However, let's try to mention at least those places that every traveler dreams of visiting.

Tours to Italy

Sometimes we find ourselves craving new experiences, but it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what we're looking for. In such situations, a trip to Italy is the perfect solution. This country is ready to offer you everything you desire, even things you didn't know you wanted.
Food enthusiasts come here for gastronomic tours. Amazing Italian cheeses, aromatic wines, and unique cuisine promise the best vacation for the soul and delightful sensations for the body.
While gastronomy can be enjoyed at any time of the year, summer is the ideal season for beach activities. Finding inexpensive packages for local resorts can be challenging but not impossible. Opting for last-minute deals in small coastal towns can lead to significant savings.
Italy also experiences a tourism peak during winter when ski resorts come to life. Trips to the Apennines or the southern Alps can be quite costly. After all, Europe's oldest resorts know the value of excellent service, which is reflected in the prices. However, once again, last-minute offers can help you combine pleasure with the desire to save money.
Relatively affordable options for trips to Italy can be found in guided excursion programs. They are available year-round, allowing you to find a convenient option. For example, a six-day trip to Milan in the summer can cost as low as 340 EUR for two people, while a similar trip to Rome would be around 440 EUR.

Where to go Italy

Before heading on a vacation to Italy, it is essential to determine what you expect from your trip—whether it's immersing yourself in history, engaging in active or even extreme activities, or enjoying a relaxing and leisurely time at a seaside or spa resort. Depending on your travel goals, it is important to choose the appropriate region in Italy and the city or resort that suits your preferences. tripmydream can assist you in deciding where to go on vacation in Italy and facilitate advance booking of your flights.

When to go Italy

Italy is an incredible country that offers a combination of various pleasures, including the sea, mountains, historical landmarks, divine national cuisine, and world-renowned wineries. Therefore, the question of when is the best time to visit Italy may not even need to be asked—it is a destination that remains relevant throughout the year. However, the specific location within Italy depends on your preferences. tripmydream can help you determine the best time to go on vacation in Italy and provide guidance based on your preferences.

Italy in spring

The weather in Italy in spring can be somewhat unpredictable and rainy. In early spring in many Italian cities the temperature does not rise above +10 ° C. By mid-April the weather evens out and becomes warm and sunny.

Italy in summer

Weather in Italy in June, July and August will please those who want to get a good tan and swim in plenty, but will disappoint those who want to visit sightseeing cities - after all, sightseeing in this heat can turn into a torture.

Italy in Autumn

The most pleasant time for a beach holiday in Italy is considered the first half of September: the weather in Italy is still very warm, but not too hot, and it has not yet rained. Since the end of September begins the velvet season, and it lasts until early October.

Italy in winter

The weather in Italy in winter compared to our climate is warm and mild. Snow falls most often only in the mountainous regions, but in the seaside areas the temperature remains above zero. But still the low season in Italy falls in the winter months.


In order to make your trip to Italy perfect, tripmydream has collected useful tips and all the tourist tricks.

Visa to Italy

No visa needed

Customs & Tax Free

Alcohol, cigarettes and food - it is forbidden to bring in and take out of Italy. Find out how you can get a VAT refund.

Travel by car

We advise you to rent a car in Italy to see the country and visit small non-touristy cities.

Phrasebook for tourists

Not all Italians speak English, so it is worth learning some phrases in Italian.

Public transport and prices

The most convenient way to move around Italy is by fast trains. Find out how you can save money on transportation in the country.


If you want to time your trip to Italy to coincide with a big event in the country, it's worth checking out our calendar.

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