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Guide to Poland

Basic Information

Poland is a country located in the center of Europe. Throughout history, it has played an important role as a link between the West and the East. Nowadays, this country can be described as safe and friendly. Travelers from Ukraine and Russia often choose it for their vacations.

Poland is home to a vast number of architectural and historical landmarks. When visiting this country, one can feel warm and cozy. For a complete and diverse vacation, Poland has it all: sandy dunes and impenetrable marshes, lively rivers and peaceful backwaters, mountains and lowlands, freshwater lakes and the salty sea.

Polish zloty
Time zone
38 648 000
312,679 km²

Dishes worth trying:

Chernina — one of the most unusual soups, it includes goose blood, giblets, dried fruits, vegetables and spices.

Zhurek — sour cream soup with the addition of smoked meat, roots, spices, and necessarily eggs.

Bigos — is considered a traditional second course. There are many variations of its preparation, but the main ingredients are stewed cabbage, mushrooms, smoked meat, spices and wine.

Polish Carp — The thing about this dish is that the head is served separately.

Spikes — Dumplings, which are shaped like hooves, are the most popular Polish side dish.

Things to do in Poland

  • Ride in a horse-drawn carriage through Krakow.
  • Climb to the highest point in Warsaw and admire the Polish capital from above.
  • Take a ride on the Ostróda-Elbląg Canal, which is considered one of the "Seven Wonders of Poland.
  • Jump off the wooden breakwater in Sopot and swim in the Baltic Sea.
  • See with your own eyes the tallest statue of Christ the King in Svebodzin. It reaches a height of 36 meters.


To quickly gain the trust of the locals, try to learn a few phrases in Polish.
Photography and videotaping during church ceremonies is prohibited.
Near the supermarkets you can find free parking for cars.

Tours to Poland

A vacation in Poland is an excellent solution for those who are tired of the familiar view outside their window but haven't saved up enough money for exotic resorts. The cost of a trip to this neighboring country will be affordable, and you can gather a wealth of experiences.

An important advantage of tours to Poland is that you can visit at any time of the year, depending on your preferred style of vacation. During the summer, there are bus tours around the country that visit castles, palaces, and iconic landmarks. In the winter, the Polish Carpathian Mountains offer a ski season, making it a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

The proximity of the country allows for finding inexpensive travel options. Since you can reach any Polish city by bus or train, tour prices are significantly lower compared to flights to other European countries.

The cheapest offers can be found for weekend trips. For example, a two-day trip to Krakow can be arranged for 220 EUR, while staying there for almost two weeks can cost around 330 EUR. A week in Poznan can be enjoyed for 410 EUR, and in Warsaw for 280 EUR.

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Where to go Poland

Holidays in Poland are suitable for everyone from small to large. The main thing is to determine the purpose of the trip. You can spend your vacation in search of the main historical values of the country. Sun lovers can go to sea resorts of Poland. The country is also famous for its ski resorts and, of course, medical spas. But most importantly - the good nature of the locals, which makes any holiday seem like a fairy tale.

When to go Poland

The climate in Poland is mild, so a trip to Poland at any time of the year will be very interesting and exciting. In the warm season you can relax on the beaches of the Baltic Sea or leisurely explore the sights of various cities. In winter, you will be welcomed by ski resorts, and cozy cafes with national cuisine will help you forget about the bad weather.

Poland in spring

Spring is the most pleasant time to enjoy a vacation in Poland. Coming here in March, don't forget to bring warm clothes. In April there is a good chance of cold and bracing winds. In May the real warmth comes to Poland.

Poland in summer

The summer weather in Poland can be called comfortable enough. The thermometer stays at the level of +20°C. The hottest weather is July. With its arrival the thermometer rises to +30°C.

Poland in Autumn

If you come to Poland in autumn, you will not be able to enjoy the beach season, but you will be able to walk around the iconic places of the country without experiencing the scorching heat. With the arrival of autumn the flow of tourists decreases, which means that the vacation will be more relaxing and peaceful.

Poland in winter

Winter Poland is quite harsh and tough. The average annual temperature, depending on the region, can reach -1-7°C. A thick blanket of snow envelops the land for almost three months.


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Visa to Poland

For European citizens, no visa is required to travel to Poland

Customs & Tax Free

According to local legislation, it is forbidden to bring into Poland strong and poisonous substances, drugs, explosive and radioactive materials.

Travel by car

Car rental in Poland is a popular service. Renting a medium-class vehicle per day will cost about 50 EUR excluding gasoline.

Phrasebook for tourists

The official language in Poland is Polish. English is a compulsory language here. It is taught at schools and universities, and it is not difficult to find specialized courses.

Public transport and prices

As public transport in Poland, you should travel either by bus or by streetcar. The subway is found only in Warsaw.


To make your vacation more memorable and colorful, it is worth timing it to one of the official holidays in Poland.

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