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Guide to Barcelona

Virtual tour of Barcelona

Barcelona is a city of creativity, inspiration and energy. How can you stay indifferent to the crazy creations of Antoni Gaudi, the legacy of the great Dali, delicious food and wine? You don't have to have a specific itinerary, as there is something to see in every neighborhood of Barcelona. It is worth seeing the world-famous sights: the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the Dalí Museum, unusual buildings designed by Gaudi. Basically, all the most interesting things are concentrated in the Gothic Quarter (the historical center of Barcelona), Eixample (New Town) and Montjuïc district, located on the hill of the same name.

Art aficionados can visit one of the city's theaters, such as the Liceo, where Jose Carreras and Monserrat Caballé began their careers.

Barcelona hosts dozens of traditional festivals every year, which will be interesting for any tourist. In early July in the city of Igualada (an hour's drive from Barcelona) is held Balloon Festival, in September you can get to the festival La Merce, dedicated to the patron saint of Barcelona St. Mercedes, in the first half of February the streets are buzzing with the City Carnival, and in March the wagons with free sweets as part of the festival Sant Medir.

Tips for tourists

To see the most in a short time, buy a ticket for Barcelona Bus Tours. A one-day ticket costs 28 EUR and a two-day ticket costs 39 EUR.
Save money with the Barcelona Card. It costs from 45 EUR (for three days) and entitles you to visit museums for free (no queue) and use public transportation.
The locals are favorable to tourists, but they do not always speak English. It is worth buying a phrasebook or learning a few phrases in Spanish.
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Tours to Barcelona

The price of a trip to Barcelona varies depending on how long you want to visit the Catalan city and the level of service you're used to. Inexpensive hot deals can be found for travelers who agree to get here by bus and live in modest hotel rooms.

Comparatively low prices can be found if you plan your trip well in advance. There are plenty of services online that will not only help you find bargain tickets, but also full-fledged hot tours.

The cost of a one-week trip to Barcelona starts at 400 EUR per person. For a two-week visit you'll have to pay at least 500 EUR.

According to most tourists, the best places to visit in Barcelona are the Old Town, the Citadel Park, the Parliament of Catalonia, the Jon Miró Museum, the Sagrada Familia and others.

Whether you buy a cheap or full-price tour, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy Barcelona's exquisite cuisine. And most importantly, cheer on FC Barcelona at the famous Camp Nou stadium.

Any tourist, regardless of gender, age or passions, will find something to do in this colorful city. It is no coincidence that the city has won the status of the capital of the Union of the Mediterranean for the third year in a row.

Interesting places in Barcelona

There are two ways to explore Barcelona: organized tours, where you can see many interesting places in a short amount of time, or self-guided walks along a pre-designed itinerary. Barcelona is also attractive for shoppers, with several popular shopping malls with boutiques and souvenir stores. Young people will definitely appreciate Barcelona's trendy clubs and discos, where life boils all night long.


Travel budget

Flight ticket prices

From Berlin to Barcelona you can get without connections by German carrier Lufthansa, tickets cost about 250 EUR, travel time - about four and a half hours. An Iberia flight costs more than 400 EUR.

The best hotels in Barcelona

In the center there are mostly expensive hotels of 4* and 5* class. The cost of accommodation in such hotels starts from 100 EUR per night. You can spend the night in a 3* hotel in the districts far from the center for 50 EUR and more. The most affordable option of accommodation in Barcelona is a hostel, where accommodation (a place in a room for several people) costs from 10 EUR per day. For those who are not limited in money, there are luxury hotels in Barcelona, such as Princesa Sofia Gran Hotel, where a room will cost you about 700 EUR per day.

The cost of vacation

There are many ways to cut the costs of traveling to Barcelona. It's worth choosing your dates carefully, as the highest prices are statistically between May and October. Be sure to follow the promotions of airlines flying to Barcelona to learn about possible discounts and buy tickets cheaper. Hotels also sometimes offer discounted rates for early booking, so take advantage of this if you know your vacation dates well in advance.

The budget for a trip to Barcelona
Visa Flight from 300 EUR
Accommodation from 10 EUR per day Average check in a restaurant 30 EUR
Transport fare from 2.15 EUR Excursion from 11 EUR
Total: about 650 EUR for four days

Barcelona: tips for tourists

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Visa to Barcelona

No visa needed for European citizens.

Barcelona Airport

El Prat Airport is located 10 km from the center of Barcelona and is the second largest passenger airport in Spain (serving about 35 million people annually). Domestic and international flights arrive here, as well as cargo planes.

El Prat Airport is located 10 kilometers from the center of Barcelona.

Transfer to Barcelona from the airport

A short walk from any terminal is the platform from which the train to Barcelona leaves every half hour. You can also get to the center by Aerobús bus, which leaves from the terminals every five minutes (ticket costs 5.9 EUR).


Public transportation in Barcelona

The public transportation system includes buses, metro, streetcars, funiculars, cabs, as well as sea and rail transport. Metro and buses are the most popular, with a single ticket costing 2.15 EUR.

Bus and metro are the most popular.

Car rental

It's worth renting a car if you plan to visit the outskirts of the city. In the center, it will only add to your difficulties, as there are often traffic jams and parking problems. A rental car costs from 30 EUR per day, depending on its class.

Security in Barcelona

In tourist cafes and restaurants, check the bill, as some waiters are not shy about cheating. Be careful in crowded places: don't show money or valuables to strangers, keep an eye on your belongings, and lock your car when leaving it, even for a few minutes.

Be careful in crowded places.

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