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Guide to Ibiza

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Ibiza is a city in Spain, located in the southeast of the island of the same name. It is the most famous and fashionable resort not only on the island, but also in the whole country. Here rest lovers of comfort and luxury, those who do not like to be bored and crave round-the-clock fun. The old town of Ibiza is located on top of a picturesque hill, there are many ancient fortresses and historical buildings. It is not a metropolis, but a small paradise for party people with beautiful streets and chic beaches on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tips for tourists

May, September and early October are the ideal times to vacation in Ibiza, there is no heavy flow of tourists at this time.
Do not leave valuables unattended on the beach, or better yet, keep them in the hotel safe.
When planning a vacation with children, it is better not to stay in the center of Ibiza, look for a hotel near the beach Figueretes.
50 000
Time zone
Catalan and Spanish
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Tours to Ibiza

Everyone knows that Ibiza has the best discos. Despite the fact that celebrities love to come to the Mediterranean resort, you can find a relatively affordable tour here.

If you're interested in the details of an inexpensive vacation, Ibiza should be visited in the off-season. The most affordable accommodation is in the northern part of the island. The subtropical climate not only allows you to enjoy the rocky terrain combined with palm trees, cacti and evergreen olive trees, but also to swim on the clean beaches.

Even with the onset of winter, the air in the resort warms up to at least 25°C. The best impressions from a hot trip will stay with you for life if you visit the center of club life - the city of San Antonio.

Although the cost of a tour to the central part of the island can be unrealistic, there is no shortage of tourists. The resort comes alive at dusk, and there's no shortage of fun until the wee hours of the morning.

At the same time, cheap lodging like camping attracts a lot of students. With the arrival of the summer months, the northern part of the island is flooded with couples. So modern Ibiza is moving away from outdated stereotypes and deserves to be a multi-purpose resort.

Travel budget

Flight ticket prices

The only way to get to Ibiza from Paris or Berlin is via connecting flights. Book your airfare in advance to be happy with the price.

The Paris-Ibiza flight is offered by Brussels Airlines and Vueling Airlines with a connection in Brussels or Barcelona. The cost of Paris-Ibiza-Paris flight is 330-450 EUR.

The Berlin-Ibiza flight is operated by Iberia, S7, Aeroflot, Ural Airlines. The price of Berlin-Ibiza round-trip air tickets starts from 450 EUR.

If you want to save money on a flight, you can make a route with low-cost airline Wizz Air Hungary. In this case, air tickets to Ibiza can cost from 250 EUR.

The best hotels in Ibiza

In Ibiza you can book both cheap rooms for 100-120 EUR and luxurious apartments from 350 EUR and more.

The best value for money hotels are those in the 3-star category. The best in this category: Ryans Ibiza Apartments, Lei IBZ Hotel, Hotel Cenit & Apts. Sol y Viento. All hotels are located in the center of the resort.

Among the four-star hotels, guests highlight: Royal Plaza, Panoramic Apartments or Nautico. Luxury rooms can be rented in the five-star hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila.

Ibiza is an expensive resort, but here you can find budget accommodation. In Hotel Club S'Estanyol you can stay for 160-170 EUR, and in Hotel Riviera there are offers for 100 EUR. In Orvay you can find a room for 70 EUR. Service and maintenance in these establishments are at a high level.

The cost of vacation

Ibiza offers both economical and luxurious vacations. Among the entertainments where tourists usually invest money are nightclubs, discos, diving, yachts and others. You can also spend money on visiting theme parks, museums (from 5 EUR per entrance ticket) or book a tour along the coast of the island (from 50 EUR). A day's rental of water sports equipment will cost approximately 30 EUR.

The costs you can't do without are airfare, accommodation, food and transportation. TpiMyDream has calculated how much does a vacation in Ibiza cost?

The budget for a trip to Ibiza
Flight Accommodation from 30 EUR
Average check in a restaurant from 15 EUR Transportation fare from 1.65 EUR
Total: from 885 EUR for 7 days of vacation for one person.

Ibiza: tips for tourists

tripmydream has put together some useful information for you for traveling to Ibiza.

Visa to Ibiza

No visa needed for European citizens.


Ibiza Airport is located 7 kilometers from the resort, in the town of San Jose.

The layout of Ibiza Airport is very simple, with just one terminal and one runway. About 95% of passengers who fly to the island for a vacation pass through this airport. Ibiza Airport has everything for a comfortable stay: mother and baby room, post office, ATMs, currency exchange offices, internet centers, cafes and restaurants.

Car rental

The largest rental offices are located at Ibiza Airport and are open 24 hours a day. Prices for car rental start from 20 EUR per day. Some local firms offer car rental without a deposit. It is advantageous to book a car online, as there is a wide choice of cars and the price may be lower.

Requirements for renting a car: international driver's license, credit card (funds are blocked for collateral), driving experience - at least a year.


Public transport in Ibiza is represented by buses, they rundefinitely on schedule (in summer - 07:30-24:00, in winter - 7:30-21:30), on weekends and holidays - a little less often. Bus fare ranges from 1.65 EUR to 4 EUR.

Also during the tourist season in Ibiza every night runs a special night bus Discobus. The fare is 3-4 EUR.

Taxis are popular in the city. There are no meters in the cars, but there are fixed fares for certain routes. You can order a car by phone.


In Ibiza, the safety of residents and tourists is guaranteed by a huge staff of police officers and security guards. Every hotel has security guards and the clubs are under constant police surveillance. Car license plates are automatically recorded at the entrance to some areas of the island.

On beaches and in crowds, there is a risk of petty theft. Don't carry large amounts of cash, documents or airline tickets. Valuables should be left in the hotel safe.

On beaches and in crowds, there is a risk of petty theft.

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