Climate in Ibiza

Learn all about Ibiza's climatic conditions and the flora and fauna of the resort.

Normally, Ibiza's rainy seasons do not disturb vacationers. The climate is Mediterranean, with warm winters and slightly cooler summers than on the Spanish coast and even Mallorca. When the rainy season begins in Ibiza, which is late fall and early spring, there are fewer tourists.

Waves of the Mediterranean Sea at a light wave reaches a height of 70-120 cm, although there are serious storms. But usually the waves of the Mediterranean Sea only delight vacationers, and in Ibiza there are many diving clubs, other entertainment.

Ibiza vegetation, tall palm trees

Beauty and fauna of Ibiza

The exotic nature of Ibiza is like an earthly paradise. Sea breezes refresh the subtropical vegetation in Ibiza. Tall palms, olive trees, incredibly colorful shrubs - all this diversity will delight your eyes. Pine groves loom over the white beaches, while flowering meadows on the hills seem the epitome of peace and joy. Thickets of fan palms provide welcome shade, and myrtle bushes are like ancient paintings.

And Ibiza's wildlife is a delight for lovers of beauty. First and foremost are the birds. The abundance of greenery provides a haven for many songbirds. But the marine world is even richer. Anchovies, lobsters and crayfish are not only available in restaurants, but tuna and salmon are the most common fish in these waters.

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