Traditional dishes of Madrid

Spanish traditional cuisine is very colorful and diverse. While in Madrid, be sure to try the local gastronomic hits.

What to try in Madrid

The best cafes in Madrid are welcoming tourists with traditional Spanish cuisine. Check out the flavorful and hearty creamed pea soups with sausage, generously seasoned with pepper and spices.

Another traditional first course to try in Madrid is cold gazpacho soup, which uses fresh vegetables, especially tomatoes. Spaniards also love a variety of vegetable and meat chowder in pots, ham, marinated meat in red wine, roasted on coals.

Food in Madrid

Another national Spanish dish is paella. It is made of rice colored with saffron, with the addition of olive oil. In addition, seafood, vegetables, and chicken can be added to paella.

And if you're in Madrid, it's impossible not to try the famous jamón, a raw pork ham. Jamon comes in many varieties and varies greatly in price. But even if you buy or order the cheapest one in a restaurant, you'll still enjoy it.

You can also order the favorite dish of King Juan Carlos - tortilla. It is just fried potatoes dipped in eggs, but it is very popular in Spain.

Reviews of Madrid restaurants indicate that here you can also enjoy a variety of seafood dishes, which are delivered from the Mediterranean coast.

And you can drink a hearty dinner with sangria - a medium alcoholic drink based on red wine with added pieces of fruit, sugar, as well as a small amount of brandy and dry liquor.

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