How much does it cost to live in Madrid

After reading this article, you should be able to roughly calculate the cost of a hotel in Madrid.

If you're not tight on finances and want to enjoy comfort, hotels in Madrid 5 stars are waiting for you. A double room in the lowest category will cost at least 110-150 EUR, while suites cost up to 300 EUR.

The best hotels in Madrid are also concentrated in the fashionable neighborhoods of Salamanca and Chamartin districts. By the way, the rooms here are even more expensive than in the city center: the cost of a junior suite exceeds 700 EUR.

Less expensive hotels in Madrid (4 stars) offer excellent comfort at very democratic prices for Europe: a standard double room can be rented for 55-80 EUR, and these prices are relevant for hotels in the historical part of the city. However, in some hotels of this category the price for a room can reach 400-500 EUR. The choice is yours.

Even more democratic hotels in Madrid (3 stars) provide rooms for 30-40 EUR. Inexpensive hotels in Madrid are comparable in price policy with apartments, the cost of which ranges from 40-50 EUR.

The most inexpensive accommodation in Madrid is offered by hostels, of which there are many in the Spanish capital. Many of them are located in the central districts of Madrid, which is very convenient for tourists. To stay in them, you will have to pay 15-20 EUR.

Interestingly, the prices for accommodation in Madrid depend not so much on the location of hotels and hostels, but on the amenities they provide. For example, in many hostels you can get not only a bed in a common room, but also a single or double room with a separate bathroom. In the latter case, the cost of accommodation in Madrid will increase: more comfortable rooms cost 20-30 EUR per person.

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