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Guide to Benidorm

Virtual tour of Benidorm

Benidorm combines antiquity and modernity. The old part of the city retains its medieval appearance, with narrow streets and picturesque old buildings. The architecture here has remained unchanged since the XVII-XIX centuries. Magnificent churches have been preserved here, and the view of the sea from the cliffs is breathtakingly beautiful. The observation deck Balcony of the Mediterranean attracts many tourists every day.

The view from it opens directly to the beaches of Playa de Levante and Playa de Poniente, the largest in the entire Costa Blanca region. They are equipped with everything you need for a vacation at the highest level. Blue Flag of the European Union these beaches win every year. Therefore, the flow of tourists in Benidorm is simply huge, especially in the summer months, when the beach season opens.

New part of Benidorm has the most, that is, the most modern look. Here rises a lot of skyscrapers, modern shopping centers. In Benidorm there are many nightclubs, which will surely interest young travelers. But, thanks to the separation of the old and new city, Benidorm remains a very quiet and peaceful place, which is perfect for family vacations.

Tips for tourists

There are ATMs in Benidorm in any shopping center or small store.
No gel or shampoo is allowed in the shower stalls at the beaches.
There are specially designated places for campfires. Bonfires in other places are fined.
73 768
Time zone
UTC+1, in summer UTC+2

Tours to Benidorm

How can the futuristic scenery of shining skyscrapers and the cleanest sea be combined? How can a small coastal city become a cozy resort? Spain's Benidorm has managed to do just that. It combines the luxury of a good hotel with the best beaches in the country.

And the cost of your vacation here will be surprisingly economical. Although this young emerging resort is gaining popularity both in Spain and the rest of Europe, many hotels offer cheap rooms or good discounts.

It's also possible to get here economically if you buy tickets in advance or just in time to leave on vacation. The price of a hot trip to Benidorm stays around 400-500 EUR. You can find even better options.

The city offers interesting sightseeing tours. Spain of the Middle Ages gave Benidorm narrow cobblestone streets, ancient churches, a castle and a water mill. There are museums and galleries. So sightseeing tours won't be superfluous at all.

And the number of cheap but pleasant cafes and restaurants is incalculable. For a complete experience, be sure to visit the romantic observation deck over the sea. All in all, it's a sensible way to spend on an expensive experience.

Hot tours are usually sought just before departure. But you can catch them a couple of weeks in advance, or even a month in advance. At least, experienced travelers approach the organization wisely and choose a trip according to their own taste.

Interesting places in Benidorm

Benidorm's attractions are numerous, as the city has many centuries of history. In the old part of the city you'll find plenty to explore. The newer part of the city, where you can explore the skyscrapers on foot, is also a great place to explore. There are also many excellent restaurants where you can try the Mediterranean cuisine in all its variety. For children, Benidorm has plenty of activities to keep them entertained.


Travel budget

Flight ticket prices

To reach Benidorm, you will need to purchase air tickets to Alicante airport. This is one of the larger airports in Spain, and it's relatively easy to access. There is one connection on the route, typically in Amsterdam. Round-trip ticket prices start from 200 EUR. From Berlin to Alicante, direct flights are operated by Vueling Airlines. A round-trip ticket on this route will cost you around 280 EUR.

The best hotels in Benidorm

Hotels in Benidorm are plentiful, offering accommodation for all tastes and almost every budget.

Four-star hotels such as La Estación offer rooms for two from 120 EUR per night. In three-star hotels, such as Hotel El Palmeral, a room for two will cost you 80 EUR per night.

Two- and one-star hotels can be found for 50-60 EUR per night. And the cheapest option will be guesthouses, with prices starting at 40 EUR per night.

At two- and one-star hotels you can find rooms for 50-60 EUR per night.

The cost of vacation

The budget for a trip to Benidorm should be calculated based on the cost of a visa, airfare to Alicante, transportation, accommodation in the city's hotels and meals in restaurants. Benidorm's extensive entertainment industry should not be discounted. Including an active program for children, because there are many theme parks in Benidorm. And souvenirs here you can buy very interesting, especially in the old part of the city.

The budget for a trip to Benidorm
Visa Flight from 200 EUR
Accommodation from 40 EUR per day Average check in a restaurant from 10 EUR
Transportation fare from 1.50 EUR Excursion from 30 EUR
Total: about 950 EUR for a week for two persons

Benidorm: tips for tourists

We have prepared some brief information about Benidorm for you. With this information you will find it easier to navigate in the city and your vacation will be more comfortable.

Visa to Benidorm

No visa needed for European citizens.


Benidorm itself does not have an airport. You will need to fly to Alicante airport. Benidorm is 65 kilometers from here and is quite easy to get to. It is one of the major airports in Spain. About ten million tourists pass through Alicante Airport every year.


There are several ways to get to Benidorm from Alicante Airport. The bus leaves directly from the second floor of the terminal and the fare costs about 10 EUR. There is also a monorail streetcar that will take you to Benidorm in about an hour. And of course you can order a cab, which will cost about 70 EUR.

Car rental

You can rent a car in Benidorm itself or directly at Alicante airport. Prices start from 30 EUR per day. The driver must have an international driver's license, at least one year of driving experience and be at least 21 years old.


The main public transportation in Benidorm is buses. A bus fare costs 1.50 EUR. You can buy a limited or daily unlimited pass. There are many cab services in Benidorm. The fare is determined by the meter, at a rate of 1 EUR per kilometer.


Security in Benidorm is of the highest standard, and the local authorities are working hard to keep it that way. However, you should still leave large sums of money in the hotel safe to avoid pickpockets.

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