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Guide to Maspalomas

Touch paradise

Maspalomas is an attractive resort town on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain, known for its beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent dunes. This area attracts tourists from all over the world with its ideal climate, where the sun shines all year round and the temperature is always comfortable. Here you can enjoy beach vacations, practice water sports, explore beautiful natural parks and enjoy the luxury of resort spas. Maspalomas is a unique place where you can combine outdoor activities, cultural entertainment and relaxing moments in nature.

Tips for tourists

Do not miss a visit to the beaches and dunes of Maspalomas. They are the main attractions of the city and offer great opportunities for relaxation and photo shoots. Be sure to try a beach walk along the dunes to enjoy the breathtaking views and unique natural beauty.
Explore the botanical gardens and parks of Maspalomas. Take time to visit the famous botanical garden and enjoy its variety of exotic plants. Also worth a visit is the Palm Oasis Park, where you can stroll along scenic trails and enjoy the green scenery.
Sample the local cuisine and learn more about Spanish culture. The city offers many restaurants where you can sample local cuisine, including fresh seafood and traditional tapas. Don't forget to also try local drinks such as sangria and mojitos.
Take time out to relax and take care of yourself. Maspalomas offers a wide range of spas and beauty salons where you can relax and pamper yourself with massages, skin treatments and other beautifying treatments. Relax, enjoy and allow yourself total relaxation in this paradisiacal corner of paradise.
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Tours to Maspalomas

Seekers looking for hot tours on the warm Mediterranean coast will love a vacation in Maspalomas. This sunny paradise is located in the heart of the Canary Archipelago. It has won the recognition of all visitors with its best sand dunes.

Purchase a trip and go to the Spanish resort can be together with children. Here tourists of young age are treated especially reverently. Kids will be delighted by the local theme parks, exhibitions, farms and shows. Especially nice is the fact that with children under two years old, you can visit all entertainment venues for free.

Compared to similar European resorts in Maspalomas you can buy relatively cheap tours. The main expense is the flight.

Even booking a hot trip, the price of airplane tickets below 350 EUR will not be found. After all, travelers will need to make at least one connection on the way.

The cost of the trip will also be affected by the hotel chosen. With a full three meals a day in a standard room will cost about 100 EUR.

Of course, a tour to Maspalomas will be incomplete if you do not spend on excursions and entertainment. The Faro Lighthouse is considered the most popular place in town. To climb to its 60-meter height, you will need to pay a set amount.

The main entertainment at the resort is a camel ride on the dunes. Such an adventure will cost only 30 EUR for an adult. In between all the activities, you should definitely enjoy the spicy taste of Mediterranean cuisine.

Travel budget

Flight ticket prices

If you plan to get to Maspalomas by air, here are some important tips:

  • The nearest airport:
  • The closest airport to Maspalomas is Las Palmas Airport (LPA). It is located about 30 kilometers from the town.

  • Airport transfers:
  • You can take a cab or shuttle service to get from the airport to Maspalomas. Cabs are usually available at the terminal exit, and you can also book a transfer in advance online or with your travel agent.

  • Public transportation:
  • Another option is to use public transportation. From the airport you can go to the San Telmo bus station in Las Palmas and from there take a bus to Maspalomas. Bus schedules and routes can be found on the official Gran Canaria bus company website.


The best hotels in Maspalomas

The resort of Maspalomas has some excellent hotels offering comfortable accommodation and a wide range of facilities. Here are a few of them:

  • Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso:
  • This luxury 5-star resort hotel offers luxurious accommodations, beautiful gardens and pools, and a spa with a wide range of treatments. Located close to the beach, the hotel offers superb ocean views and a high level of service.

  • Seaside Palm Beach:
  • This exclusive 70s-inspired hotel offers luxury accommodation, outdoor pools, gardens and access to a private beach. The hotel is also known for its high level of service and fine dining restaurants.

  • Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort:
  • This hotel is located near Maspalomas and offers spacious rooms with balconies or terraces overlooking the mountains or golf courses. The hotel has several swimming pools, a spa center, restaurants and access to golf courses.

    Hotel Riu Palace Palace

  • Hotel Riu Palace Oasis:
  • This stylish hotel is located right on Maspalomas beach and offers comfortable rooms with ocean or garden views. The hotel has several pools, restaurants, a spa and other amenities so guests can enjoy a complete resort experience.

These hotels offer a high level of comfort, luxury and a variety of amenities so that guests of Maspalomas can enjoy an unforgettable vacation in this beautiful resort.

The cost of vacation

The cost of a vacation in Maspalomas can vary greatly depending on various factors such as time of year, choice of accommodation, food preferences and entertainment costs. However, I can provide a general guideline cost for a week's trip that includes some basic costs:

The budget for a trip to Maspalomas
Accommodation from 70 to 250 EUR per day Meal 20-50 EUR per day per person
Transport fare 1,50-2,50 EUR per trip Entertainment and excursions 20 to 100 EUR
Total: From 500-700 to 1500-2000+ EUR for one person for a week

Maspalomas: tips for tourists

Visa to Maspalomas

No visa needed for European citizens.

Nearest airport

The nearest airport to Maspalomas is Gran Canaria Airport (Las Palmas Airport, LPA). It is located about 30 kilometers from the city. From there, Maspalomas can also be reached by public transportation.

Transfer from Las Palmas Airport

From the airport you can go to the San Telmo bus station in Las Palmas and from there take a bus to Maspalomas. Timetables and bus routes can be found on the official Gran Canaria bus company website.

Bus schedules and routes can be found on the official Gran Canaria bus company website.

Car rental

If you prefer freedom of movement, you may find it convenient to rent a car at the airport. This will give you the freedom to explore Maspalomas and the surrounding areas, as well as being convenient for traveling around the island.

A car rental can be a great way to get around the island.

Transport fare

Public transportation is represented by bus routes that connect various areas and attractions of the city with surrounding communities. Buses offer a convenient way for locals and tourists to get around the region.

Buses offer a convenient way to get around the region.


Maspalomas is a popular tourist destination, so be extra vigilant in tourist areas, especially in crowds or on busy streets. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid getting into situations that could create opportunities for pickpockets or scammers.

Maspalomas is a popular tourist destination, so be especially vigilant in tourist areas, especially crowds or busy streets.

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