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Virtual tour of Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is located on the coast of the island of Lanzarote, nicknamed the Island of Fire. And no wonder, because on this island of the Canary archipelago about 300 volcanoes rise to the sky. Volcanoes, however, are safe, but they give the island a fantastic look.

Local residents neighboring with volcanoes goes only for the good. The soil impregnated with volcanic slag is appreciated by winemakers. Grape vines grow perfectly on the black soil, generously fertilized with ash. Fruit trees and other vegetation feel no worse.

Tourists appreciate the neighborhood of Puerto del Carmen no less than local gardeners. The unique reliefs of the Tierra del Fuego Island attract visitors year after year. And the ocean coast with a clean bottom and sandy beaches has become a significant trump card of tourist success of Puerto del Carmen. Here you can not only laze on the sand, but also surf, go paragliding over the sea or go on a yacht trip.

Sam Puerto del Carmen pleases the eye scattered along the coastal slopes picturesque houses. The narrow streets of the city form a real labyrinth, where you can walk, admiring the city and the view of the ocean coast.

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Tips for tourists

In Puerto del Carmen, you may encounter very annoying lottery ticket sellers. Avoid them if possible.
There is a ferry service between Lanzarote and other islands, the ticket costs from 28 to 45 EUR, depending on the distance.
For traveling around the archipelago it is worth buying a BUS CARDS card, which can be used to pay for public, intercity and sea transport, as well as cabs.
140 000
Time zone
UTC±00:00 and UTC+1

Interesting places in Puerto del Carmen

There are relatively few attractions in Puerto del Carmen, a former fishing village. However, there are some fascinating corners that have a lot to say about the city's history. You can learn about such places during a tour of Puerto del Carmen and its surroundings. However, most of the city's sights can be seen on a casual walk through the streets of Puerto del Carmen.

A vacation with kids in Puerto del Carmen will be rich and varied, thanks to parks, horseback riding and other recreational activities. And Puerto del Carmen's restaurants offer delicious seafood.

Puerto del Carmen is a great place to visit.


Travel budget

Flight ticket prices

Lanzarote Airport serves as the official airport for the island's capital, Arrecife. This is where you would purchase air tickets to Puerto del Carmen. Round-trip airfare from Paris to Arrecife starts at 200 EUR. You would typically fly with Ukraine International Airlines, Wizzair, and Ryanair, involving three connections during the journey. Tickets from Berlin to Arrecife and back can be acquired starting from 240 EUR.

The best hotels in Puerto del Carmen

Hotels in Puerto del Carmen are plentiful, a city living on tourism has sprouted from a small village just by tourist complexes. The best hotels in Puerto del Carmen, four-star, are located on the coast. A room for two in one of them, for example, in Nautilus Lanzarote, will cost you from 80 to 300 EUR per night. In cozy hotels with three stars, for example, in Blue Sea Hotel Los Fiscos, a room for two will cost from 50 to 120 EUR per night. In inexpensive hotels with one or two stars, as well as in apartments and guest houses you can find a room for two from 35 EUR per night.

The cost of vacation

It is worth calculating your budget for traveling to Puerto del Carmen in advance so you know how much to budget for. The list of expenses starts with visa and air tickets to Lanzarote. It is also worth considering accommodation, food and transportation costs. And from excursions in Puerto del Carmen and its surroundings you just can not refuse, because the magnificent volcanic landscape of Lanzarote deserves a close look. So trips to the national park are an integral part of the travel budget.

The budget for a trip to Puerto del Carmen
Visa Flight from 400 EUR
Accommodation from 35 EUR per day Average check in a restaurant from 10 EUR
Transportation fare from 1.8 EUR Excursion from 8 EUR
Total : about 1000 EUR for a week for two people

Puerto del Carmen: tips for tourists

We have prepared information for you about Puerto del Carmen that can make your trip easier and more comfortable.

Visa to Puerto del Carmen

No visa needed for European citizens

Transfer to Puerto del Carmen from the airport

To get from Lanzarote Airport to Puerto del Carmen you can take bus #161 for 1.8 EUR, which runs every hour from 07:30 to 22:30, at weekends the interval increases to two hours. You can also order a cab. The trip will cost you about 15 EUR.

Public transportation in Puerto del Carmen

Public transportation in Puerto del Carmen is represented by buses that run along the main street Avenida. The bus fare is 1.8 EUR. There is also a cab service in the city. You can order a car at the hotel.

Car rental in Puerto del Carmen

You can rent a car at Lanzarote airport or at one of the offices in Puerto del Carmen itself. Rental prices start from 15 EUR per day. The Canary Islands have traditional Spanish rental regulations, so an international driver's license is required.

Security in Puerto del Carmen

Safety in Puerto del Carmen is kept at a high level, patrols are frequent and there are simply no dangerous areas. You can safely walk around even at night. However, as in any city, you should still keep an eye on your belongings in Puerto del Carmen.

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