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Guide to USA

Basic Information

The United States of America represents a huge space for every conceivable tourism destination. This country combines almost every possible type of vacation, from beach and ski resorts to excursions along the shores of Lake Ontario or through the historic centers of Washington and other cities.

Besides resorts of all kinds and a plethora of attractions, you'll find an almost endless number of amusement parks, interactive museums, oceanariums and other fascinating places. The US is definitely worth a visit, no matter what type of vacation you prefer.

Washington, D.C.
American English
US dollar
Time zone
GMT −5…−10
325 607 197
9,519,431 km²

Dishes worth trying:

Cooked peanuts — fresh ground nuts boiled in salted water until softened.

Deer steak — it's served in some of Alaska's finest restaurants.

Fried bread — round flatbreads of fried dough eaten with honey, or with shredded beef, beans, and cheese.

Fruit smoothie — is either a drink or a dessert made from a mixture of yogurt and fruit can be found on any beach in California.

Things to do in USA

  • Drive the Big Sur Highway in California, between the mountains and the ocean.
  • Walk the glass "Skywalk" over the Grand Canyon.
  • Get a taste of New York City cuisine during restaurant week.
  • See the Albuquerque Balloon Festival.
  • Taste the famous American ice cream.
  • See for yourself a tornado on the east coast of the United States.
  • Admire the natural beauty of Yellowstone.


Black residents of the United States should be referred to exclusively as African Americans.
Behave with women with restraint, so that you do not have any claims to you.
Tipping is almost universally accepted in the United States, although it is usually not automatically included in the bill and is left to the discretion of the guest. In high-end restaurants, you should aim for 15-20% of the bill.

Tours to USA

The United States of America is ready to welcome tourists with a wide variety of interests. Fans of natural beauty tours can visit one of the many natural parks, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and many other amazing places.

Beach lovers will also find a place to their liking. At their disposal are the best beaches on the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Everything for water sports is organized there.

Gambling travelers buy tours to the famous Las Vegas, fans of American cinema - in Los Angeles, where the "Hollywood" is located. Separately, travelers buy vouchers to "Disneyland". Hotels and restaurants are located on the territory of the park, so you can go here purposefully on a tour of attractions.

And this is not to mention the excursion attraction of the country. Indian reservations, museums, historical sites - one trip will not be enough to see it all. And in winter people buy vouchers to ski resorts here.

The cost of a trip to the USA depends on many factors: city, season, length of stay in the country and so on. Thus, the price of a two-week stay in Seattle is 3,300 USD for two people. A visit to New York will cost almost half as much. It is unlikely to find inexpensive offers, as a flight to another continent costs a lot of money.

Try to find hot travel options, but even in this case you are unlikely to save much. Alternatively, sign up for tripmydream's newsletter, which collects hot deals from various tour operators.

Where to go USA

The USA is home to many exciting destinations of all kinds. There are world-famous ski resorts, popular with celebrities, beaches whose names are familiar to us from movies, and unique natural attractions. And, of course, the USA has a rich cultural cross-section, so there are plenty of monuments of architecture and other types of art. So, when going to the USA, you should decide what you want to visit. And tripmydream will help you choose where to go in the USA and purchase tickets online.

When to go USA

The vast territory of the USA makes it attractive to tourists at any time of the year. Whatever you want on vacation, warm sea or snowy mountain slopes, you can find it all here in one period of time. You just need to choose in which part of the country you decide to vacation. However, any of the states of America has its advantages in certain months. So you should decide in advance when it is better to go to which part of the USA. And tripmydream will tell you when to go to the USA.

U.S. in the spring

Spring in the United States is a great time to travel to the country's national parks before the heat of summer takes over. The weather during this time is quite moderate, except for the hot southern states and cold northern states.

U.S. in the summer

Summer in the USA is best spent on the shores of the ocean, whether Pacific or Atlantic. In the warm season, practically all sea resorts are open to tourists, and you can sunbathe and swim in the ocean waves in comfort.

U.S. in the fall

Fall in most American states is moderate in weather and quite warm. It's a good time to travel to national parks and to visit museums, theaters and concert halls.

U.S. in the winter

The weather in the US in winter depends entirely on which part of the country you spend the winter in. You can plunge into the cold of Alaska, or you can sunbathe comfortably on the beaches of Florida. And all this during the winter.


tripmydream has compiled a selection of information to help you avoid unfortunate mishaps while traveling in the US.

Visa to USA

Visa is required.

Customs & Tax Free

What can be imported and exported to the United States. What are the specifics of the country's customs laws.

Travel by car

The most comfortable way to travel around the United States is to rent a car.

Phrasebook for tourists

Colloquial English is the basic language of the United States. That's why it's worth practicing before your trip. And to make your trip easier, tripmydream has prepared a short phrasebook for you.

Public transport and prices

The public transportation network in the United States is very extensive and includes many types of public transportation. Therefore, we have prepared for you a brief overview of the country's transportation system.


If you want to time your trip to coincide with holidays or festivals in the US, it's worthwhile to familiarize yourself in advance with tripmydream's calendar of American events.

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