How much does it cost to live in London

Unfortunately, vacations in London are not cheap - it is one of the most expensive European capitals.

The budget can be planned ahead of time, and will largely depend on where you live:

- 20-40 EUR per day is enough for a bed in a hostel in Zone 1 or a one-bedroom bed and breakfast in a suburb of London. If you're lucky, you can get a room in a Zone 3 hotel (such as a Travelodge or Premier Inn) for the same amount;

- 50-100 EUR per day - the price of a vacation in London in a small 1-2 star hotel or guest house within zones 1 and 2. Rooms for this price are usually small and breakfast is almost never included in the room price. The perfect budget for a student vacation for two in London.

- 100-200 EUR per day - as reviews show, vacations in London with this budget are the most popular. You'll be able to get a good room in a mid-range 2-3 star hotel in Zone 1 or 2.

- 200-400 EUR will get you a stay at hotels such as Hilton or Marriott (4-5 stars). If you're willing to spend 500 EUR or more for a night in a hotel, book a room at any West End hotel such as the Savoy or Claridges.

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