London weather

The UK has long since said goodbye to its poetic name "Foggy Albion".

Weather in twenty-first century London has changed significantly: the famous London smog is gone, factories have closed, and the Thames is much cleaner. It now gets less rain than Paris or Rome!

But it doesn't hurt to check the weather in London for 3-5 days before you fly out. It's a mild, oceanic climate - there's almost never a frost, trees start blooming in early March and lawns are green in November.

Let's take a look at the best time to travel to London.

Summer is cool (up to +23ºC) and fresh - a plus, you'll be able to comfortably get around all the sights. In addition, you can specify the weather in London for 14 days - the summer climate is quite stable. But crowds of tourists, students on vacation, and hundreds of business school students are a minus.

Whether it's worth going to London at such a rush hour is a matter of taste, but many people appreciate Britain's capital for its dynamic rhythm. On June 12, the number of visitors is incredible - the British are celebrating Her Majesty's birthday!

Autumn you may not even know the weather in London for a week in advance - the rains are absolutely unpredictable, you can't do without a raincoat and an umbrella (ideally, rubber boots). There is good news: weather forecasts never promise prolonged showers in London. There's also London Fashion Week, the Arts Festival and the London Film Festival in the fall.

When is it cheaper to go to London? Definitely winter - there are few tourists, endless sales in shopping malls and empty seats in popular pubs!

The most picturesque time is London's Spring. It's not until May that tourists arrive en masse, but in the meantime, the sales are back on and everything is blooming and smelling - the perfect time to snap more photos on Instagram with the hashtag "I'm going to London!". For nature, check out the springtime Regent's Park or the royal Victoria Park and St. James's Park.

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