How much does it cost to vacation in London

All the costs of traveling to London have already been calculated for you!

Vacation prices

When traveling to London, start with an approximate budget of 50-100 GBP per day (excluding hotel or hostel accommodation). That's enough for relatively inexpensive snacks at pubs and cafes, souvenirs, sightseeing sightseeing.

The price of lodging in London will include:

  • expenses for transport: 5 GBP per mile in cabs, 2 GBP in streetcars and buses (or a 19 GBP weekly pass), 2-4 GBP on the tube;
  • entertainment: museum tickets are about 6 GBP, movie tickets 5-10 GBP (cheapest for Monday morning shows), theater tickets 8-50 GBP;
  • meals: a sandwich - from 3 GBP, a cup of coffee - 2-3 GBP, beer - from 2 GBP per pint, wine - from 4 GBP per pint (in a restaurant), average bill for breakfast/lunch in a pub or Chinese cafe - 5-10 GBP, average bill in a restaurant - from 30 GBP;
  • don't forget to include the price of excursions (minimum 25 GBP).

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