Unusual sights of London

What to visit in London besides the most famous places.

Find a London sightseeing map at any hotel - free brochures are usually laid out on racks near reception. Some of the most famous tourist hotspots include Big Ben, the Tower and Buckingham Palace. Descriptions of these London landmarks are familiar from school, so let's look for something more original:

  • Sherlock Holmes' flat - the photo of this London landmark is in any prospectus! You bet, because the legendary detective has become a real symbol of the city. Go to 221b, Baker Street, to sit down in a chair by the fireplace and buy a pen with the inscription "Elementary, Watson!"

  • The leader in London sightseeing brochures in Russian is the British Museum. Entry is free, and the exhibits include statues from Easter Island, a huge collection of mummies and even a piece of the sphinx's beard.

  • Greenwich Royal Observatory - the name of this London landmark is not familiar to everyone, but it is definitely worth a visit! After all, it is here that the prime meridian passes, and the Western Hemisphere converges with the Eastern Hemisphere.
  • Harry Potter Pavilions (Warner Bros. Studio) - this London landmark is on every "magical" map! Here you can have your photo taken within the walls of Hogwarts (or even in Dumbledore's chair), drink a pint of creamy beer or brew a potion. The price is about 30 GBP (you can buy tickets for the tour at tourist website or at pavilion website).

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