Almeria: city map, main districts and tourist spots

To get to know Almeria better, check out its map.

The city's many cultural and architectural heritages are hidden away in the different neighborhoods of Almeria. Strolling through the streets of the old quarter you can visit the ancient fortress, the Cathedral of the Incarnation, the Clarissine Convent and the Church of St. James of Zebedee, as well as Spanish civil war bomb shelters, not to mention the many museums.

Administratively, the province of Almeria consists of 23 municipalities. The historic districts in the center of Almeria are bounded to the northwest and west by hills, to the east and northeast by the boulevard ring of Avenida de Federico García Lorca and Rambla de Belén, and to the south by the sea coast. The highlight of Almeria's old neighborhood and at the same time its main attraction, the Alcazaba Fortress, is located in the hills on the northwestern border of the city. Another diamond of Almeria, the Cathedral, is located 300 meters southeast of the fortress.

Dangerous areas of Almeria are absent as such, the settlement is quiet, cozy, suitable for safe rest of tourists. Familiarize yourself with the city, see all the districts of Almeria, as well as its attractions will help sightseeing tour of Almeria on the tourist train Tren Turístico, which departs 6 times a day on Saturdays and Sundays. The cost of 1 trip is 5 EUR.

almeria city center

Districts in the center of Almeria will delight curious travelers with exhibition halls of museums, which collect unique exhibits of the city's thousand-year history. The district of Almeria near the train station is about a kilometer from the historic center of the city (the Cathedral of the Incarnation). There are connections to Madrid, Granada and Seville from the intermodal station.

Many areas of Almeria are a kind of architectural open-air museum. The Alcazaba and fortress walls, the Cathedral, the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalene, the Arab Waterworks, the Barracks of Mercy, the lighthouse of St. Thelma, the Church of Our Lady of the Mar, the bullring and the Rambla Belén are only a part of the rich architectural heritage of the city, not to mention the magnificent beaches, gardens and national parks.

panorama of the old town, Almeria

The central district of Almeria often hosts music, theater and film festivals, traditional fairs and carnivals. And there are many cats living here, lazily stretching in the sun. A map of Almeria with sights will help to familiarize in more detail with the iconic objects of the city. In addition, tourists can use the schemes, where there is a description of the sights of Almeria.

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