Hiking in Almeria

Almeria can be explored on foot. And it is during the walk that you will get the best feel for the city.

Cabo de Gata National Park is an ideal place for hiking trails. During a walk through the park, hikers will be surprised by Almeria's natural charm - mountains and beaches, deserts and salt marshes, plains, pastures and rural streets surrounded by old oaks, cork trees, pine trees and olive groves.

In this respect, Almeria is ideal for those who come to Spain not only for a beach vacation, but also in search of a colorful national identity and adventure. The waters of Cabo de Gata-Níjar attract divers with the diversity of fauna in the local underwater forests.

The park has a network of marked trails for hiking and biking. Other activities include horseback riding, diving, mountain biking, rock climbing, caving, kitesurfing, mountaineering, kayaking, surfing and sailing.

For example, hiking tours in Almeria to the karst caves located 2 kilometers from the village of Sorbas will interest speleologists. Special equipment is used for the excursion. In addition, there is a spacious parking lot, a waiting area with a cafe-bar, a souvenir store and a media room. Fans to wander caves are offered 3 routes of different complexity categories. For more information on Almeria's cave tours and prices, visit the website.

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