Spanish national cuisine

What is worth trying in Spain? The best national dishes of Spanish cuisine - in our selection.

Gastronomic tourism is becoming a popular destination today. Connoisseurs of cuisine have something to do in Spain. In this country there is no single traditional cuisine, Spain is full of diversity. Seventeen varieties of cuisine throughout the country differ from each other.

But if we take the general context of the dishes of Spain, we can talk about a specific Mediterranean diet. These are fruits, vegetables, legumes, rice, seafood, cereals and herbs. In general, an ordinary set of products, but they make real masterpieces out of it here. National dishes of Spain include such a miracle as jamon, raw ham. Rice paella unites all regions, although it differs in recipes. They love salads and dress them with olive oil.

Try Calamares a la romana - calamari in the Romanesque style, served in many restaurants. Seafood in Spain is very popular, and this dish is quite popular.

Sirloin stewed in wine will not leave indifferent most gourmets in the world. The dish is called Solomillo en reducción de vino.

Don't miss the fritura malagueña, an assortment of many varieties of fried sea fish. It is a rather greasy dish, but it is worth it.

Shrimp fritters, tortillas de camarones, are unusual in flavor and hearty. Many restaurants in Andalusia serve them as a main course. Here you can also taste gazpacho soup, gazpacho andaluz.

On the Balearic Islands the national cuisine of Spain becomes a paradise for gourmets. On the menus of restaurants in Ibiza you can find bluda cuisine from all over the world. But seafood and desserts, sauces and spicy seasonings of Spanish origin are most popular here. As is pork. And you can also try "tumbet", a stew of potatoes with peppers and eggplant and meat additions.

Among the meat dishes of Spanish cuisine it is definitely worth paying tribute to pork with cabbage Lomo con Col.

Try Turron, a sweet made of almonds, sugar, honey, sometimes with candied fruit, eggs, walnuts. Traditionally a Christmas candy, during the rest of the year you can buy it in Heladería, Pastelería, Turronería (small sweet stores).

Among the drinks of Spain we can recommend the most famous sherry. This wine gets its name from the town of Jerez de la Frontera. The fortified wine is made from three grape varieties - Palomino Fino, Pedro Jimenez and Moscatel.

Don't forget the red wines, Spain is famous for them. Then there's sangria, which is considered a traditional Spanish drink. It consists of dry red wine, sweetened and spiced, with the addition of various fruits, more often citrus fruits. Sangria is usually served in pitchers and poured into wide glasses with ice.

In Spain, cider is loved and appreciated. Among the completely non-alcoholic drinks, orchata, a white, slightly sweet drink made from ground nuts or almonds, is popular. You can try it in bars, restaurants, or orchaterias - establishments that serve only drinks. Sumo juice is usually made from a mixture of orange and lemon juice. Granisados is frozen juice.

There are many varieties of coffee:

Café sólo is black.

Café cortado - 2/3 coffee, 1/3 milk.

Café con leche - 1/3 coffee, 2/3 milk

Cafe bombón - half a cup of condensed milk, the rest strong coffee.

But the tea is likely to be from a bag, and not the best.

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