When is the best time to go to Spain

Planning a trip to Spain? Find out when is the best time to travel!

When is the best time to travel to Spain? That depends on your goals. Skiing, beach vacations, exploring Spain's history and sights, and, of course, festivals and bullfights - Spain seems to have a season for every purpose. Endless rhythms of incendiary music, colorful fireworks, smiles on faces and festive mood you will find here all year round.

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Holidays in Spain in winter

The ultimate vacation for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts. In winter in many European countries it is difficult to find something interesting to do. But in Spain, the ski season starts as early as mid-December and lasts until the end of April. And in the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, you can even ski in early May, while other tourists splash around in the gentle waters of the sea or ocean.

Although it's best to enjoy your vacation in this resort at the height of the winter season, in January and February. In central Spain you can visit the resorts of La Pinilla and Valdeschi. Winter in Spain is mild, although there are frosts at night, especially in the north and in Madrid.

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The Canary and Balearic Islands are a year-round entertainment destination. The islands are most popular in winter. Of course, it's not very comfortable to swim here, but winter temperatures warm up to +15-20ºC and many people even manage to sunbathe.

The weather in Spain in winter is quite cool, although you won't find temperatures below freezing anywhere. Snow falls in the mountainous regions of the country and the ski season starts in December. February in Spain is similar to the beginning of April in the middle part of Europe. Nature is waking up after winter, it rains, and the daytime air temperature, depending on the region, ranges from +8ºC to +15ºC. Don't forget warm clothes when traveling to Spain during the winter season.

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Holidays in Spain in spring

Spring is the season of festivals. Of course, the usual fiestas in this country take place all year round. Go to the March festival of giant papier-mâché dolls in Valencia. If you want to attend one of Spain's festivals, make your reservations well in advance. The beginning of spring in Spain is truly magical. It is the time of nature awakening and almond blossom. The southern coast of the country welcomes tourists with good weather. A smooth tan and beach games will be assured.

The weather in Spain in spring ranges from very uncomfortable to pleasant for a vacation. In March it rains a lot and temperatures warm up to +18-20ºC in the south and +15-16ºC in the north. The number of sunny days increases. In May you can safely go to the resorts of Costa Brava and other coasts of the country. Almost any seaside resort welcomes visitors all year round, but it is in May that the influx of tourists begins.

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Costa Brava, Spain

Holidays in Spain in summer

Beach vacation is relevant from May to October. Bathing season in the resorts of northern Spain starts a month later, in June. July and August are peak months, with an incredible influx of tourists from all over the world, even though the hottest temperatures are experienced. In Madrid and Seville, the scorching sun is unbearably hot. But if you happen to be traveling during these two summer months, it's best to head to the northern coast, such as the Costa Brava, and excursions to Bilbao or Santiago de Compostela.

The weather in Spain in summer is hot almost everywhere. Some regions of the central country have microclimate zones. June is the most comfortable month, with temperatures hovering around +30ºC and the water already warming up to a comfortable +21-22ºC. July and August are hot, with the heat subsiding by September.

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Holidays in Spain in the fall

In September and October, most bathers return to their usual working rhythm. But lovers of a measured vacation can exhale. Spring and the first two autumn months of September and October are perfect for active excursions to discover the ancient traces of civilizations and the rich historical past of this hospitable country. Visit the center of Spain, the cities around the nation's capital, Madrid.

The weather in Spain in the fall is quite pleasant. Temperatures stay at +30ºC, with +26-28ºC in northern Spain. The sea water, warmed over the summer, does not cool down below +23-24ºC. Rains become more in September, but not by much. In the second half of September in Spain a lot of rain falls in the north of the country and in the area of Barcelona. October marks the end of the main tourist season in Spain, the beach season.

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If you take this southern state as a country of seaside resorts, the high season in Spain lasts from June to September, while the first beach tourists start arriving as early as May. Winter can be called the low season in Spain. Although with a big stretch. Because people come here all year round.

The least number of tourists is probably in February-March, and the most in July-September. So the question of when is the best time to vacation in Spain remains open and depends on your personal choice. You can pick up a successful tour for yourself using the services of tripmydream. In addition, when deciding when to fly to Spain, check for discounts and cheap airfares. It is believed that in November and in March, airfares are lower. In December, before New Year's Eve and during the peak season, they increase.

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