Spain by car

Everything a motorist needs to know about Spain.

Car rental in Spain remains a convenient means of transportation. With all the comfort of public transportation, about which you can read in the relevant section of our website, it is better to have your own car.

Prices for car rental in Spain on average coincide with other European options. So, the cost of renting a passenger car for 3 days ranges around 140 EUR, while for 5 days you will pay about 220 EUR. A week will cost you 300-350 EUR.

Car rentals in Spain are everywhere, in the major cities literally at every turn, from the airport to the hotels.

Speed limits in Spain:

  • in a populated area - 50 km/h
  • outside populated areas - 90 km/h
  • on the highway - 100 km/h
  • on a highway - 120 km/h

Highways patrols in Spain are quite thorough in enforcing traffic rules. Even if Spanish drivers are not very diligent in enforcing them, they can successfully set you up. And the fines in Spain for traffic violations are quite serious. So, you will pay a fine for speeding 100 EUR for every 10 km. Insurance can cost 300 EUR per year (analogous to hull insurance).

A car tax costs about 130 EUR per year. A parking ticket will cost you at least 200 EUR. Especially if you are a foreign tourist and don't understand Spanish very well. So pay attention to what is written on the signs and what are the signs next to them. Speed cameras are used in Spain. The cameras (on AP-7 in Castellón, AP-7 in Murcia, the A-31 in Alicante and the A-52 in Zamora) are equipped to alert the nearest police officer if a foreign car driver is speeding.

The cost of gasoline in Spain, as in other countries, depends on the brand. Thus, the cost of a liter of gasoline (A95) in Spain costs on average 1.33-1.48 EUR. If you buy A98, you will pay 1.80 EUR and higher. And diesel costs in the neighborhood of 1 EUR.

Spain has tolls for the use of many highways. Tolled and some tunnels. The system of paying for roads in Spain depends on several parameters: the distance traveled, the category of the vehicle, the season and even the rush hour during the day. The length of the public road network in Spain, including the Canary and Balearic Islands, is 683,175 km. Almost all of them are paved roads. There are 16,583 km of highways, of which almost 3,000 km are toll roads.

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