Excursions to Spain

To better learn the history and culture of Spain, go on an excursion. Where is the best place to go and how much do excursions in Spain cost - we will tell you in this material.

You can come to Spain for sea vacations, for skiing, for mineral springs and medical treatment. But the country, whose history stretches back thousands of years, can not help but be interesting. Excursions and tours to Spain are held constantly. And guests are not becoming less. Vacation in Spain is closely connected not only with resort opportunities, but also with the rich history of this country.

Reviews about excursions to Spain are primarily focused on the capital of the state, Madrid. The main attractions of this city can be found in the corresponding section of our website dedicated to the ancient Madrid.

Surreal Barcelona offers exciting excursions for anyone who appreciates art. This is where people go for shopping tours, some of the best in Spain.

Beautiful Seville is so good that you want to come here again and again. Excursions here vary, some involve a brief tour of the city, others suggest staying for several days.

Many people are interested in visiting the Alhambra Castle in Granada. Others are interested in modern and unexpected Valencia.

Ancient Cordoba attracts with its stone walls and centuries-old history.

Palma de Mallorca attracts not only lovers of lounging on warm beaches, but also connoisseurs of interesting excursions.

Malaga, home of Pablo Picasso, is an ancient city founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century. Visit Marbella and Alicante.

Prices for tours to Spain vary by city and mode of travel. Walking tours with guides in major cities like Barcelona and Madrid are more expensive, starting at 80-100 EUR for a few hours of sightseeing.

Bus tours between smaller towns vary in price and depend on the region. Bus tours between cities are quite inexpensive, 10-20 EUR for a group tour. Madrid is a bit more expensive in this regard, although it also depends on the tour. First of all, many guides include the price of tickets to museums, this raises the payment for the tour.

Strolls along the coast cost tourists 50-70 EUR per tour in a group. Trips in rented cars with guides and interpreters in the central part of the country can cost more, from 100 EUR.

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