How much does a vacation in Spain cost

tripmydream has calculated how much a trip to Spain will cost.

Most travelers, when going to a new country, will be interested in saving money. The cost of a vacation in Spain depends on many things. First, from the resort itself, then from the time of year, the number of tourists. And, finally, on the desires of the guests themselves.

The season in Spain lasts from May to September, with the first and second month of fall considered the velvet season. In October there is already a decline in tourists. Prices for hot tours in Spain drop immediately by this time, sometimes by as much as half.

Holidays on the islands are a bit more expensive. High prices are characterized by Ibiza, Mallorca, although here you can find inexpensive accommodation. Remember about the visa, the cost of which varies from 65 EUR for consular fees if you prepare it yourself to 150-200 EUR with the help of intermediaries.

Tourists recommend choosing four-star hotels, their price is not much higher than in three-star hotels, but the quality of service is many times higher. The usual cost of a tour to Spain with flight, accommodation and breakfasts for one person will cost from 400-500 EUR.

In high season, along with excursions and entertainment, the cost can be higher. Keep in mind that entrance tickets to various theme parks here are quite expensive and cost from 5 to 30 EUR and more. On average, you will pay 20-50 EUR for lunch in a restaurant. Prices for tours to Spain rarely include entertainment, but there are specialized destinations that include excursions, museums, and various festivals.

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