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Guide to Calella

Virtual tour of Calella

Modern Calella has its origins in a fishing village that began to be built here in the 14th century. A train ride from Barcelona through a rock-cut tunnel brings you to a lovely little town on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The beaches of Calella are what attract many tourists. Warm sea waves and golden sand delight the town's visitors and its inhabitants throughout the warm season. The city beach stretches for three kilometers along the city. And a little farther picturesque cliffs and secluded bays between them begin. Here you will find not only a quiet vacation on the beaches, but also space for diving, surfing and other water activities for every taste.

Kalella impresses guests not only with its beaches, but also with the beauty of ancient architecture. Here you can see the ruins of optical telegraph towers and visit bomb shelters from the civil war. To catch the rhythm of Calella life, stroll along the Passeig-Maritim promenade with its countless shops. Or come to Calella during one of the music or dance festivals. After all, it is considered a local cultural center for a reason.

There's plenty to do in Calella for nightlife lovers, those who prefer a quiet holiday, and even little travelers.

Tips for tourists

The most convenient place to buy groceries is the Mercadona store. It is located near the center of Calella.
It will be cheaper to rent a car at Barcelona airport, as only intermediary offices work in Calella.
Calella is home to a railroad junction that provides access to many of the coastal resort towns.
Time zone
UTC+1, in summer UTC+2

Tours to Calella

Vacations in Spain always have a flavor of luxury. And Calella offers the best ideas for spending your vacation on such a level. After all, this is by no means the smallest gem on the Mediterranean coast.

Like most Mediterranean resorts, Calella offers plenty of options for a good time. You'll find clean beaches by the blue sea, old architectural buildings, cozy and quiet coffee shops and restaurants, bustling nightclubs, and friendly, outgoing people.

Calella has beautiful watchtowers, an old lighthouse on the shore, parks, and Catholic churches. But the price of the trip shouldn't scare you. Let Calella does not belong to the cheapest cities in Spain, however, there is always the possibility to find a good hot trip. Any tour, regardless of the cost, will allow you to have a wonderful time.

Average for simple tours you will pay about 500-900 EUR, including flight. Inexpensive hot tours will save you 100-300 EUR. And it's better to spend it on a nice evening in a restaurant than on overpaying commissions to a tour operator.

The cost of a trip drops if you book it at the end of the season, just before departure. But you can find ideal options even during the peak summer season. And there's plenty to do locally. There are shopping, walking and nightlife options.

Interesting places in Calella

Most of the attractions Calella is concentrated in its historic center. During excursions, you can walk around the main monuments and museums. get around the main monuments and museums, as the city is relatively small. The Hiking route through the center includes most of Calella's interesting sites. And if you get tired of wandering and hungry, all the restaurants in town are at your service. For For children, there's plenty to do at the dolphinarium or water park near Calella.


Travel budget

Flight ticket prices

You won't be able to buy airfare to Calella, as the small town simply doesn't have an airport. You'll have to fly to Barcelona, and from there you'll have to go to Calella. For a round-trip ticket from Berlin to Barcelona, it costs around 260 EUR. The flight has one connection. Lufthansa planes make a stop in Munich, and SWISS planes connect in Zurich. From Paris to Barcelona and back, you can get tickets for 300 EUR. There is only one connection on the route. Turkish Airlines planes make a stop in Istanbul, and Air France flights connect in Paris.

The best hotels in Calella

Hotels in Calella are plentiful and you can easily find one that suits you in terms of facilities and price. Some of the most luxurious are Les Palmeres, a four-star hotel starting from 100 EUR.

One of the most famous three-star hotels in Calella is Kaktus Playa. Room rates for two start from 80 EUR, as with many hotels in this class.

There are also many two-star hotels in Calella, such as the Aparthotel Safari. Room rates for two people start from 50 EUR, and they are not bad for those who want to save money.

The cost of vacation

When calculating a budget for a trip to Calella, it's worth considering airfare, visas, accommodation in local hotels or guesthouses, and restaurant meals. guesthouses, and restaurant meals. Or the cost of groceries if you decide to cook on your own. You should also consider the cost of excursions, as well as and land and sea activities. Especially if you are traveling with children. Yes no trip to a seaside town is without souvenirs, and Calella is no exception. is no exception.

The budget for a trip to Calella
Visa Flight from 260 EUR
Accommodation from 50 EUR per day Average check in a restaurant from 10 EUR
Transportation fare from 1.4 EUR Excursion from 1 EUR
Total: about 600 EUR for four days including two meals a day and at least one museum visit per day.

Calella: tips for tourists

We have prepared for you an informative cross-section about Calella to make your trip to the Mediterranean as convenient and easy as possible.

Visa to Calella

No visa needed for European citizens.


Calella does not have its own airport, and the easiest way to get there is via Barcelona's El Prat airport. There are two terminals at the airport and car hire facilities. The Costa Brava airport in Girona is also suitable for travel to Calella.


From Barcelona and Girona airports, you can get to Calella by Sagales buses. From Barcelona you can get to Calella by train for 3-4 EUR. A cab to Calella from Girona will cost you 70 EUR and from Barcelona 90 EUR.

Car rental

You can rent a car either in Calella itself or directly at Barcelona or Girona airport. Hire will cost you from 30 EUR per day. The driver must be at least 21 years old, have at least one year's driving experience and have an international driving license.

The driver must be at least 21 years old.


Transportation in Calella is by bus, the fare is 1.4 EUR. Cabs are metered and cost about 1 EUR per kilometer. There is a sightseeing train in the city, which will cost you 1.50 EUR.


Calella, like most Spanish resort towns, is welcoming and relaxed. So safety requirements here are limited to careful attention to personal belongings, especially in crowded places. Large sums of money are best left in hotel safes.

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