Cost of accommodation in Calella

When thinking about a trip to Calella, it is better to find out in advance the rates in local hotels. We have graded the cost of rooms in different classes of hotels.

Prices for accommodation in Calella are among the lowest in the Mediterranean resorts. Hostels and guesthouses offer accommodation from 35 EUR per night, three-star hotels from 37-45 EUR per night. Inexpensive accommodation in Calella is also possible in four-star hotels (for example, H TOP Calella Palace) - on average from 60-90 EUR per night.

How much it will cost to stay in Calella depends on the class of the hotel, season and set of services. About 90% of local recreational complexes are oriented to democratic family rest, so they will be available to travelers from different parts of the world. Usually hotel staff is very friendly, many speak English and Russian.

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