Holidays in Spain in December

The best destinations to travel to Spain in December.

Generally tours in Spain in December skyrocket in value. Of course, it's all about Christmas and the New Year celebrations. Vacation in Spain in winter is quite popular. Many people go to winter ski resorts.

Although winter is not considered a tourist season here, you can find interesting tours to Spain, with many resorts offering interesting options in winter. The Sierra Nevada near Granada awaits guests as early as early December.

Tours to sightseeing cities like Seville, Madrid, Barcelona are quite popular at this time. Prices for tours to Spain to these and other sightseeing cities range from 500-800 EUR.

A trip to Tenerife and Gran Canaria in this period will cost you about 750-900 EUR for a regular tour for 5-10 days. The islands welcome guests all year round, and we can say that the beach season does not end here, although in December no one swims, of course. But walks, discos, fresh air and inexpressible atmosphere of Spanish resort islands have not been canceled.

Holidays in Spain continue in December, with prices rising closer to the New Year holidays. Holiday tours cost in the region of 1000 EUR, although if you take advantage of discounts and hot deals, you can save up to half that amount.

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